Thursday, October 6, 2022

Stacey Dash Trolled By Beyonce Fans After Coming For Tina Lawson

clueless halloweed

*Beyonce’s fans trolled Stacey Dash after she feuded with Bey’s mom, and it all started when Tina Knowles Lawson wrote on Instagram that Kelly Rowland (who dressed up as Dash’s character from the movie “Clueless” this Halloween) was “prettier” and “more smart” than Dash.

Dash caught wind of it and not only took offense to the post, she hit up her personal blog to address the shade:

If one thing runs in Queen Bey’s bloodline, it’s the ability to throw subtle shade and Tina demonstrated her acumen for the art of insult this Halloween, somehow managing to turn a cute costume into a caustic diss.

Dash’s clap back included a compliment on Rowland’s beauty, “Here’s the thing – Kelly Rowland is a beautiful girl and I love the costume! Imitation is the best form of flattery.”

She also criticized Tina’s use of “more smart”: “First of all, if you’re trying to throw shade about someone’s intelligence, maybe use “smarter” instead of “more smart.”

The Beyhive immediately starting leaving nasty remarks on Dash’s social media accounts along with bee and lemon emojis.

“B—h don’t ever come for Mrs.Tina,” one wrote.

Another added, “You look older than Tina Knowles @REALStaceyDash. Shut your mouth about Beyoncé and damn sure shut up about her Momma.”

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Another chimed in, “I’ve always been a fan of you and I love you so much but honey for your own protection, DONT throw shade at the Mother of us beyhive’s Queen!!”

And yet another said, “there you go, still grasping on your 15 minutes like grim death.”

Knowles subsequently edited her Instagram, noting that she never intended to “throw shade” at Dash.

“This is my baby as Dione last night but I was confused cause she kept saying something about her page. lord no shade intended!!!! It was a character in a movie!!!!,” Tina wrote (see post below)

But Dash, who lives for online drama, didn’t want to drop the issue. Instead, the conservative Fox News contributor continued to stir the pot by endorsing Trump and bashing Bey’s husband Jay Z, who recently performed with his wife at a concert in support of Hillary Clinton.

Now, you know if anyone goes after the Knowles-Carter family, the beyhive awakens in full force across social media.


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  1. Everybody wants to be up front and center. Why does this old, grown ass woman even have time for social media bullshit? And what kind of dullard sits behind a computer screen and threatens a complete stranger over something said about someone who’s only interest in them is how much they can afford to pay for a ticket? I swear. People just keep getting dumber by the decade.

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