Friday, August 19, 2022

Blac Chyna Copies Kim K’s Birthing Plan – Her Mom (Tokyo Toni) Snaps Back at Wendy

blac chyna-kim k
Blac Chyna – Kim Kardashian West

*Blac Chyna is planning to emulate her future sister-in-law when it comes to delivering her baby in the lap of luxury.

She’s reportedly having a C-section next week at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. That’s the same place Kim K and Kanye spent $4,000 per night for the birth of Saint.

Giving birth at Cedars seems to be a tradition for Kardashian sisters because Kourtney also gave birth there. TMZ says the maternity suites are top-notch with 3 beds, 2 baths and a lounge area AND complimentary robes. Well that’s all we need to hear.

And speaking of Black Chyna, earlier we documented the issues between her and Wendy Williams who went at the ex-stripper and her mother, Tokyo Toni (real name: Shalana Jone Hunter), for basically taking advantage of Rob Kardashian’s weakness.


tokyo toni-wendy williams
Tokyo Toni – Wendy Williams

Well, as you know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And since the apple has already had her say, it’s time for the tree (Tokyo Toni) to have her turn blasting Wendy. Via Instagram, she’s threatening to sue Wendy

See when you rich and have $ you don’t care if people doff you out or your name!! B*tch I am climbing!! So Imma climb on your head and pocketbook in COURT!! I will be in NEW YORK on Monday !!! I am suing you @wendyshow!! You f*cking my money up- and giving me physical health problems ” Anxiety and depression! Harrassment etc!! It’s hendering my job etc!! My money is being stopped due to my health! I have to be in the state you are in so New York it is! Yes I am suing you and your show of defamation of my character!!! I have asked you to stop it and you haven’t!! Okay cool!! ” Get your lawyers together! Here I come ” so help me God on my dead mother!!!!!!!! New York court Monday Morning!!!! @wendyshow to reach me 240-***-****!!! #Sistas #blackonblackhate #fakesistasnotreal. #Icantfocus #harrassment. LEAVE ME ALONE B*TCH!!!!!!! Now ! Before I come to tour show and sit and wait with a bible and prayer oil!!!!! Leave me alone Wendy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In another post, she adds:

Talk to your wife Kevin Hunter ” Yep okay – We cousins so yeah!! ! I plan on giving her an anal exam out of y’all trap $ !!! She keeps speaking my name! Only the horse trainer and help! Tell Mr. Ed to STOP TALKING ABOUT ME!! She can call me and f*cking ask!!! She says she is my biggest fan! I can tell” Keep that horse mouth of a wife of yours SH*T or imma simply bath in yall tub of cash!!!! She f*cking my money up son son!! So ask your wife Wendy Joan Williams Hunter to KEEP MY NAME OUT HER MOUTH!! See… she keeps climbing her monkey *ss up the wrong tree!! I exclaim to you to have your wife “Leave me alone” – Call me so we can talk about it240-***-**** ” Text me”! Something needs to be done! She into f*ckery okay it’s not cool!! – Text before 7 please! #suewendywilliamsshow

If you missed what Wendy said, no prob. Here it it:





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