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New Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Nate Parker

The Birth Of A Nation

*Pennsylvania state investigators have begun looking into whether or not Penn State University mishandled Nate Parker’s case when he was charged with and subsequently acquitted of rape in 1999.

The review of the case comes amid the fallout from the Jerry Sandusky pedophilia scandal at Penn State continues to play out in the prosecution of former university officials. The sick pervert Sandusky rocked the school in 2011 after several of his male victims came forward to share details of the physical and mental abuse they suffered by his hands. One of the men being prosecuted for failure to report Sandusky, also played a key role in handling Parker’s case — a reason that the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office is taking a closer look.

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Nate Parker

A quick recap: when Parker was a wrestling student, he and close friend Jean Celestin were accused and charged with raping an intoxicated female student, who later ended up committing suicide in 2012 due to the incident. The case was eventually dismissed, with Parker acquitted of the charges.

The case resurfaced during the promotional period for his latest film, “Birth of a Nation,” and completely overshadowed the campaign.

Findings from the new investigation have led detectives to believe that school officials may have been lenient with Parker in the handling of the case, according to The New York Times. Weeks after he was reinstated back onto the wrestling team — while still facing trial in 2000, and even though he had initially been suspended when first charged — Parker allegedly exposed his genitals to a female trainer. It was a matter Penn State dropped after she failed to report the incident to police.

Parker’s attorney denies that he had ever exposed himself to anyone. “This is the first Mr. Parker has ever heard of this,” his lawyer David J. Matlof said in a statement to the NYT. “He recognizes the seriousness of the issue, but this claim is completely untrue.”

Back in October, Anderson chatted with Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes” where he said he believed his slave drama “The Birth of a Nation” deserved more attention than him or his decades old rape cape.

“I think that Nat Turner, as a hero, what he did in history, is bigger than me,” said Parker. “I think it’s bigger than all of us.”


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