Wednesday, April 21, 2021

New eBook Takes an Inside Look at What Americans Can Expect from President Clinton


*In his new ebook What We Can Expect from President Hillary Clinton (Amazon Kindle), political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson takes a hard, detailed look at how President Clinton will govern.

Hutchinson notes that President Clinton will confront brutal challenges with every initiative, piece of legislation, her spending measures, and proposals, judicial picks, cabinet and administration appointments, and the executive orders that she proposes to Congress on domestic and foreign policy issues. She will be questioned, second guessed, opposed, and cheered depending on the issue, the party or the special interest that’s affected by her actions.

“This is what all presidents face when dealing with the opposition party and even members within their own party,” says Hutchinson,” Clinton will have one other burden that she’ll carry with her at least initially and that’s to overcome the long-standing painstakingly GOP constructed image of her as a duplicitous, beltway politician. The tests will come fast and furious. As the first female president, she’ll draw even more scrutiny; not much different than what President Obama got as the first African-American president.

Hutchinson contends that Clinton has two advantages:

“She fought the GOP for nearly three decades and withstood every smear, dig and hit it tossed at her. The other is that she’s been a White House occupant, a senator, and Secretary of State, this will give her a huge edge in terms of political combat skills, and toughness, and the requisite political experience to move some or much of her agenda through Congress. She will need both when it comes to issues such as comprehensive gun control legislation which the NRA will battle her tooth and nail on, campaign finance overhaul, and tough regulations to rein in banking and Wall Street rampant abuses. These will spark ferocious lobbying from special interests and political battles in Congress.”

earl ofari hutchinson
Earl Ofari Hutchinson

President Clinton will be pulled and tugged at by corporate and defense industry lobbyists, the oil and nuclear power industry, government regulators, conservative family values groups, moderate and conservative GOP senators and house members, foreign diplomats and leaders, and in turn LGBT, women, civil rights and liberties, and environmental watchdog groups. They all have their priorities and agendas and all will vie to get White House support for their pet legislation, or to kill or cripple legislation that threatens their interests.

What We Can Expect from President Clinton presents a riveting, eye opening, look at the battles Clinton will wage within and without her party to get her agenda through. Hutchinson tells just how that agenda and the battles she’ll fight for it will impact the lives of all Americans.


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