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Kordell Stewart Talks Origin of Gay Rumors, Denies He ‘Ran Porsha Off’ on ‘Steve Harvey’ (Clips)

Kordell Stewart on "The Steve Harvey Show"
Kordell Stewart on “The Steve Harvey Show”

*On Wednesday’s edition of “Steve Harvey” (October 19), former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart will sit down for an interview to discuss a number of topics, including rumors about his sexual orientation and his tumultuous marriage to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams.

“You know, I loved my ex-wife,” Kordell says, adding “that’s old and that’s over with, Steve. You know, I have a 13-year-old kid to raise.”

When Steve asks Kordell if he regrets participating in a reality show, Kordell tells him: “No, I really don’t Steve, because you know what I’ve seen of my ex as of lately, conducting herself, just imagine if we was together for five more years with two children. That wouldn’t have been good.”

Kordell goes on to explain that around the time he and Porsha were getting married, he was there to help her through an ordeal where she had lost her business.

“She came in with a tough situation and then she came out with the ‘Atlanta Housewives’ show, with making five to six figures, something more than she’s ever had,” he says. “So when people say ‘I ran her off’ – ‘she left with nothing’ – she left with a lot.”

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Kordell talks about his relationship with Porsha Williams on “Steve Harvey” from EURweb on Vimeo.

Kordell led the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl in 1995, but sadly, the these more recent headlines have overshadowed his legacy.

In his first television interview to talk about his book, “Truth: The Kordell Stewart Story,” Kordell also discusses his upbringing, life as a single dad and the gay rumors that have surrounded him for nearly 20 years.

“I wanted to wait until I had the opportunity to speak to you about this,” Stewart tells Harvey on the show. He goes on to relay a story dating back to 1998, when a friend called him saying that he heard that he had been arrested in the park after being caught with a transvestite.

“First of all, when in the world have I gone to jail in Pittsburgh, because there’s no record,” Kordell tells Steve. “I don’t care if it’s 10, 20, 30 years. If it happened, it would be documented, let alone being with a transvestite. Now, each his own, Steve. Trust me when I tell you,” he elaborates.

Watch below:

Kordell addresses the rumors about his sexuality on “Steve Harvey” from EURweb on Vimeo.



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