Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Critics Blast Harlem Pastor Dr. James David Manning Over Signs Protesting Gay Marriage

james-david-manning*It’s been over a year now, but he’s still not over it. Dr. James David Manning is not making many new friends over his protest of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage.

The ATLAH Missionary Church pastor is catching heat over his noticeable opposition as offensive anti-LGBT signs are displayed outside of the place of worship. Nevertheless, Manning confessed that he isn’t troubled about the outcry over the signs, according to VladTV.

“You can put something up about me and I would not be offended,” he said. “I promise, I won’t sit here and argue with you. If you put up something that says “I’m an ex-con,’ I wouldn’t be offended.”

Regarding the decision to legalize marriages between LGBT couples, Manning took to Facebook  to weigh in on the historic action, saying, “The scotus has sealed the fate of sodomites to burn in hell. Demons now official US citizens.”

As for the church’s signs, the public is seeing them firsthand as folks have shared them on social media as a way of putting the church on blast while standing up for the LGBT.

One sign, denouncing gentrification, found a way to tie in the gay community. “Many of these h**** moving into Harlem looking for some black meat,” read a sign which tied the gay community as it denounced gentrification.

On the other side of the sign, it said, “The h*** demons metastasized in Harlem restaurants possibly transmit sexual disease.”

According to VladTV, another sign at the church blamed President Barack Obama’s view on gay marriage on men who are married but involved in relationships with men.

“Obama has released the h*** demons on the black man. Look out Black woman a white h*** may take your man,” the sign said.

To hear Manning’s views on gay marriage, check out the video below:




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