Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Carters Donate $15M to Haiti – Bill Clinton’s ‘Black Son’ Blasts Hillary (WATCH)

Beyonce-and-Jay-Z*Beyonce and Jay Z have reportedly made the largest donations so far towards rebuilding Haiti after Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt donated 10 million dollars for the same cause, according to the UK’s Independent.

The island nation was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew last week — leaving over 600 dead, destroying over 3,200 homes and displacing more than 15,000 people. It’s the worst humanitarian crisis since the devastating earthquake six years ago.

The celebrated power couple expressed gratitude to Usain Bolt for the generous initiative and pledged him and his wife support of 15 million dollars to the Usain Bolt foundation to rebuild homes after the hurricane.

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Clinton's Black Son

21-year-old Danney Williams, the biracial man who claims to be Bill Clinton’s son, sat down for his first interview on Wednesday. Appearing on the Alex Jones show, Williams repeated his claim that Clinton is his biological father.

The young man says he lived a hard life with his mother and siblings in Little Rock, Arkansas. He claims his mother was a prostitute who did drugs with a young Bill Clinton. He would eventually end up living with his aunt after his mother got so strung out on drugs that she lost custody of him and his siblings.

“It was rough growing up. We barely was making it. We was broke,” says Williams. He said everywhere he went, people shouted, “That’s Bill Clinton’s son.” Soon he started to believe the rumors himself.

Williams said Clinton sent Christmas gifts and paid money “under the table” to his mother, but all that came to an end once Clinton was elected president.

Danney recalled a time when his aunt tried to visit Clinton at the Governor’s mansion, but they were denied entry.

“I’m sure Hillary kept me away,” said Williams. Despite reports that a secret DNA test was negative, Williams says no DNA test has ever been taken to confirm paternity.

Watch Danney’s Alex Jones segment below:


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  1. This dude can’t add, apparently. Bill Clinton was elected in 1992, which is 24 years ago. If the dude is 21, how can he remember stuff from before he became president. Have a seat, sir.


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