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Singer-Songwriter Nephrateri Talks Writing for ‘Empire’ While Building Her Own


*It would not be a good look to short change singer songwriter Nephrateri, simply referring to her as a talented writer. She’s quickly proven herself to be great at what she does, furthermore an inspiring leader.

Founder of the acclaimed A-Game Writers Song Placement Team, from day one their goal was to service the upper echelon of entertainment. Their first client? Fox television’s Emmy-winning drama “Empire.”

“Whatever we write, whatever we put out as far as music, I want it to be A-game,” Nephrateri says to EURweb about their writing quality and her expectations of the team. “We’re our own entity. I want us to, pretty much, be the most sought after songwriting team in the industry.”

They’re off to a great start. Nephrateri and her 9-member squad of scribers have placed songs on all 3 seasons of ‘Empire.’ “It’s always exciting,” she says of being involved with the show. “It never gets old.”

Something else that never stales is Nephrateri’s wardrobe, a perk of also being a model. With a name meaning “queen” and “beautiful companion” she carries herself with a regal class. Often outfitted in custom wears, she likes to show them off at splashy industry events and her own singing engagements.

Asked what to expect if she challenged Cookie Lyon to a runway battle, Nephrateri says, “It would be a battle of the queens, for sure!” She laughs. “There would be a lot of energy, a lot of sass, a lot of beauty, I’m sure it would be one of those ‘Rip the Runway situations!”


Fittingly, Nephrateri would strut the catwalk to one of her own songs, the one appropriately titled “Queen”. That’s who I am. It’s like the epitome of everything I exude.

“The tone of your voice and the lyrical content you choose to sing definitely creates beauty,” Nephrateri explains. “The majority of the time people tell me I have lullaby-sounding voice. Some say it’s sexy, not that I’m trying to come across as sexy, but the tones I use are really just pretty sounds. I use those to express what I’m trying to get across to the listeners.”

Born Nephrateri Lewis, for a person still in their twenties she already has 2 decades of experience creating attractive expressions through music. Her application of makeup began in Jackson, MI, home of both the famed Jackson County Fair and Michigan Theater. In surroundings rich with things aesthetically and audibly pleasing, finding her beauty mark in the arts came easy.

At age 5 Nephrateri was remarkably singing with an adult choir. By 8th grade she was a member of Jackson’s Black History Tour Choir, visiting The White House on 3 occasions. They sang for President George W. Bush, a merit worthy of a Jet Magazine feature in 2007. In ’09 they performed for President Barak Obama at his inauguration. On the choir’s 2nd album Nephrateri sang two solos, inspiring aspirations as a recording artist that still drives her today.

Outside of leading A-Game Writers, an intricate part of building their own business empire, Nephrateri’s long-term goal as a singer songwriter is to, figuratively, be crowned the beauty queen.

“I want to be Nephrateri as an artist – period,” she says. “I plan on using my voice and my artistry, and my image, to make my own lane in the industry. When you hear something I’ve done you’ll know that it’s me.”

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