Wednesday, January 26, 2022

‘Miss, Didn’t God Make Any Real Men?’… (This Kid Caught Me Off Guard)

Janet Mock, TV personality, transgender rights activist and transgender person

*I contemplated deeply before deciding to write this personal experience article. But I have learned that when I take “me” out of the equation, and insert “us” instead, I am no longer deadlocked on what to do.

This also enables me to actively participate in my intent –which, when it comes to my work as a writer at least, is always an authentic attempt to teach, learn, or gain a greater understanding of something. Thus, by putting this out there publicly, I know that others also share these thoughts but may not have a forum; and others still, those who have personal experience, can teach or share.

With this editorial article, I hope to open a dialogue. An intelligent dialogue that lends itself to articulate communication versus name calling, homophobic responses. If that is the only way that you can communicate or respond after reading this article…don’t.

As an entrepreneur and former artist, and well-traveled person, I have always had opportunities to meet a variety of people, including children, on a regular basis. I have also humbly accepted the reality that I have one of those personalities that apparently puts people at ease; albeit at times too much, too quickly, and they begin to feel a sense of trust that may lead to TMI (too much information). This is what happened recently, when I encountered a mother and daughter of approximately 9-years old. After about 10 minutes of great conversation the child, obviously listening to what her mother had just said, jumped in and asked me “Miss, how come so many men are changing into women…Didn’t God make any real men?”

Obviously caught off guard, I often have some wisdom-based answer in my side pocket, I found myself dumbfounded. All I could do was look at her mother, then back at her and respond, “Of course He did!” (Insert nervous giggle).


I wish I could’ve said something…different. Better. Deeper, yet palatable for her curious young mind.

Stock photo of little girl. No relation to story.

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