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Wendy Williams Does The Ugly Cry & Fabolous Calls It Quits With Emily B.

Wendy Williams amfar
Television personality Wendy Williams speaks onstage during the 7th Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala at Skylight at Moynihan Station on June 9, 2016 in New York City.

*Talk show host Wendy Williams became emotional during a segment of her daytime talk show while discussing bullying and the boy who tormented her as a teenager.

The YBF reported that during her Hot Topics segment, Wendy reacted to Viola Davis reportedly cyber stalking her bullies. The 52-year-old TV host then shared her own personal bullying tales. That’s when she broke down to tears.

Wendy revealed a boy bullied her from 1st grade to her senior year in high school with a “fat” song he made up to tease her about her weight.

“He made a song about me and I’m not going to cry, but I fee like it inside,” she recalled. Williams said she would never take to social media to go in on her former bully, but if she ever saw him in public, she would give him a sarcastic hug.

She got emotional as she asked the audience if they wanted to hear the song he made about her and she started singing “Wendy WALE-iams is a FAT whale.”

Folks on social media were quick to remind Williams that she has some nerve crying about being bullied because she’s made a career bullying celebrities.

Check out the clip of he segment below.

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fabolous, emily b.
Fabolous & Emily B. Split, image via Twitter

Former rapper and reality TV stars Fabolous and Emily B. have called it quits after 10+ years together. Emily B., who recently appeared in VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop,” shares two sons with Fab, Johan and Jonas Jackson.

According to Teatenders (see pic below), Emily deleted every last photo of Fabolous from her Instagram page.

Fabolous & Emily B. IG Split

Maybe Emily found the receipts that confirm the old rumors about Fabolous having a baby mama in Atlanta?  She also shared the image below:


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  1. Windy Williams, Is a big fat “Tub”, of Lard, “Tush-Hog”! She makes a fortune in the money she is paid to be on this show, She could at least show the respect she owes the people who pay her and be glad anyone would even hire her to be on a major network in front of a whole audience of people; The public is not interested in looking at this big fat whale, who is too lazy to take her money and cut out all of that whale meat off, It just is not what smart people who care, want to see or be faced with in the privacy of their homes in front of their children to think this the way high paid people are supposed to carry themselves!

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