Friday, May 27, 2022

Mike Colter (‘Luke Cage’) Addresses Criticism of His White Wife Iva (WATCH)

*Mike Colter is all the rage these days because of his role in the super-hot Netflix show, “Luke Cage.” If you haven’t seen it, “Cage” is a ‘hood based black super hero. But some in the community, particularly black women, are now kinda not feeling Colter as much since it was revealed that the actor’s wife, Iva, is white.

It happened on “The Wendy Williams Show.” When he was introduced, the mostly female audience was definitely on his side with their wildly enthusiastic response to him. BUT … when an image of him and his wife were shown to the audience, all of a sudden the response was different. He didn’t exactly go from hero to zero, but it wasn’t the same.

A TV One poll titled “Luke Cage’s Got A White Wife — Mad Or Nah?” found that 21% of people responded, “Not gonna lie — I’m a little hurt.”


Wendy didn’t address the issue on her show, but when Colter appeared on “The Breakfast Club,” Charlemagne definitely went there.

Here’s how Colter responded:

“I love my sistas. People always go, ‘man that’s his type.’ If somebody caught a sista walking around with a 6-foot -seven brotha, is that her type? Next week you see her walking with a short brotha or spanish guy –do we have to have a type? I’m a human being. I look at people for character and what’s inside. Physically — that’s one thing — but you gotta be on the same page. I met my wife when I was struggling in grad school. She stuck with me for 16 years… people don’t understand when it comes to being with somebody long term, it’s way more than skin color that’s gonna make it work.”

When you get down to it, it’s hard to argue with Colter’s response as far as we’re concerned. What do you think?

EUR Extra Fun Fact that’ll make you go, hmmmm: Mike Colter’s wife, Iva, is also a Netflix executive. 




  1. For the record, I am a brotha married to a sista and i am happier than a runaway slave with papers! It always amazes me when you look at these shows and every time a black actor, singer, or athlete is with or married to a white woman, he gets his A$$ presented it to him by sistas everywhere. BUT, yet and still, when it is a black female with a white man, all you hear is YEAH, & WAY TO GO, and YOU GOT A GOOD MAN, etc. (Wasn’t all these sistas saying all of that to Halle Berry when she got married?) Look at the Wendy shows, and notice the reactions black women (Keesha Sharp, Patina Miller, Eve, etc) get when they show their white significant other. Totally different reaction that what Mike got. Even Wendy drools over these white guys. She seems to give them different intros than the brothas, (“The beautiful & very sexy… “______” when he’s white, vs “The singer or talented actor “______” black man).. Now i have no problem who you are with, just we as black folks have to stop with these double standards. Be blessed with whoever The Lord brings into their life.

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