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‘The Birth of a Nation’ Stillborn at Box Office After Rape Case Reaction

The Birth of a Nation
The Birth of a Nation

*Uh oh, just as we feared, in the wake of rape accusations and overall bad press, Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation” is not faring well at the box office. 🙁 The latest projections, according to TheWrap, are now set lower than initial estimates of $9 million. It only took in $2.6m on Friday.

Industry watchers are now saying the film will be lucky to clear $8 million this weekend.

On the other hand, the film has a solid A CinemaScore, which means it could play in the weeks to come off positive word of mouth. Its Rotten Tomatoes score is also a fresh 79 percent.

As has been extensively reported, the film’s publicity campaign has been derailed by stories about a 17-year-old rape allegations against Parker, who was acquitted. The thinking goes that “Birth” will now have a hard time meeting the initial expectations from when it was bought by Fox Searchlight at this year’s Sundance Film Festival for a record-breaking $17.5 million.


Somewhere Byron Allen is probably saying “thank you” to the film gods for letting him get out bid by Fox Searchlight when he tried to buy the film after it got rave reviews at Sundance where it won the grand jury prize and the audience award.

Needless to say, “The Birth of a Nation” was initially expected to perform well at the box office and be an Oscar contender.nate parker birth of a nation

The film, produced for a reported $10 million, stars Parker as Nat Turner, who led a 48-hour slave rebellion against his white masters. Armie Hammer and Aja Naomi King co-star alongside Jackie Earle Haley and Jayson Warner Smith. TheWrap also notes that it will have hard time finishing in the top five, tracking behind the animated flick “Storks,” a holdover from last week’s release.

While there bad box office news for Nate Parker, things are on the bright side for DreamWorks Pictures’ murder mystery “The Girl on the Train,” starring Emily Blunt. It’s on track to top this weekend’s box office with $26.5 million.

Earning $9.4 million on Friday, the adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ best-selling novel of the same name revolves around a troubled and eccentric divorcée (Blunt) who inserts herself into a missing persons case.

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  1. This is actually a very good movie. I saw it Friday. It is American history and everyone should go see it despite Parker’s personal issues.

  2. As a black woman, I will not see this film nor any other project this guy is associated with. What a despicable human being, he is.

  3. I am so HAPPY this film is a BOMB! No rapist deserves to be successful and I as a black man am damn sick and F*****g tired of slave movies! NO MORE SLAVE MOVIES PLEASE!!!!

  4. I hope all of the lazy people calling this innocent man a rapist are happy. You got your wish…

    Shame on all of you for NOT doing your homework, and for believing the racist, white media’s lies about Nate Parker. You folks are as shallow as two raindrops landing on a sidewalk during the winter.

    If you lazy, surface dwellers ever read the trial transcripts, view this unfortunate, deceased woman’s background with mental health issues (long before Nate Parker was on her radar), and investigate the territory in which this alleged rape took place, you will feel foolish for your mental lethargy…

    Centre County (where Penn State is located) is one of the most racist county’s in Pennsylvania. If eleven white people, and one black woman judged Nate Parker not guilty, you should too.

    If Nate Parker would have been remotely close to being guilty of raping that white girl, those redneck farmers in PA would have hung Nate twice.

    It is a shame we live in a culture of viscous character assassination on social media, and that we have a lame, lazy, racist, press corp.

    I hope those of you who condemned this innocent man receive an ounce of mercy when the bastards try to tear you to pieces, like you did Nate Parker…

    And for the record, I’m going to see the movie twice this Sunday… And I’ll probably figure out a way to see it again before it disappears…

    Damn all of you haters. Viva Nate Parker!

  5. Someone’s plan to kill a positive Black movie seems to be working. This is perfect timing to have the mindless Court Of Public Opinion (COPO) crank up and be this man’s judge, jury and executioner – 17 years after the real and legal courts acquitted him. Remember when they used to print out and hand you tickets to other movies when you went to see a Black movie? That was how they dishonestly kept the ticket sales down for popular Black movies. This is the new tactic to keep Black movies from being successful. You have all watched this guy in other movies and on TV, now all of a sudden, he is supposed to be this despicable and horrible monster. Why don’t you all stop watching TV shows and movies that star actors who have actually COMMITTED terrible crimes. Do that and you won’t have much of anything to watch. Stop being media “sheeple”. Remember Michael Vick?

  6. I am amazed at this obsession with Nate Parker by people who refuse to accept that he was found NOT GUILTY of raping a white girl 17 years ago by a jury of eleven white people, and one black woman in a county notorious for blatant racism…

    The Negroes, and racist white people have succeeded at limiting the number of screens in which “Birth of a Nation” will be shown, and they have undermined his chances of being an Oscar contender… Their mission has been accomplished, but they want more blood…

    This is one of the most ridiculous public lynchings of a person’s character that I have witnessed in a very long time.

    Shame on all of you ignorant butt holes who talk red, white, and blue, but are actually confederates at heart…

    I’m probably going to see Nate’s film at least three times…

  7. Great movie for all to see – I had to reconsider my thoughts after seeing the movie; after doing a little soul searching and background on Turner I understand the overall theme – and the title’s connection to the theme. Religious oppression to keep a slave a slave in the name of Christianity; THIS IS A GREAT MOVIE AND A MUST SEE MOVIE.

    We as black people tend to live the the “Willie Lynch Syndrome” and the proof is in the reaction to this movie. Reminds me of how the sisters at Spelman College refuse to have a marrow donor drive for “Fo Sho Fo Jackie” because some narrative about Nelly’s Tip Drill video and unfortunately “Jackie passed” without the opportunity to see if there might have been a match for her. We as an ethnic group in this Country are our own worst enemy – and after 500 years! And you wonder why police are killing us at and alarming rate. One thing I surely took from the movie is – what was shown could be a direct relationship to 2016 America. Nat Turner gave 48 hours to say we will fight back. You stand for something or Fall for anything. And we are still falling for anything. Malcom X had it correct when he stated “By Any Means Necessary.”

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