Saturday, October 23, 2021

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Have Sleepover Amid ‘Separation’ Drama

Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian*Trouble in paradise for Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna? According to sources close to the couple Rob and Blac have been on the outs for months, resulting in him taking refuge inside his home where he has eaten his way back up to nearly 300 pounds. You may recall that when he and Chyna hooked up, she was a motivating factor behind him losing 50 pounds.

“Rob and Chyna are not in a great place,” a source tells People. “They are always up and down, but they went through a very rough patch as recently as last week. They weren’t speaking, or even texting.”

According to the source, “It doesn’t bode well for their relationship, especially considering the baby is coming so soon. They’re not broken up, but it’s not a healthy relationship at all.”

E! News previously reported that Rob and Chyna didn’t break up, but they are living separately. “Rob and Chyna are fine. They are together, but it’s just difficult right now,” a source told E! News.


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Kardashian is expecting his first child with the former stripper and video vixen, and recently he exploded on his sisters on social media after he learned they planned to host two separate baby showers, one for him and another for Chyna. He responded to the perceived diss by tweeting the personal cell phone number of his youngest sister Kylie Jenner. He dropped a follow-up tweet writing: “Didn’t invite the Mother of my child to a baby shower you all were trying to throw for me ‼? You all must have lost your d*mn minds.”

The sisters claim it was Chyna’s idea to host separate parties because she and Rob are not in a good place. Amid this drama, Rob and Chyna had a sleepover Wednesday, and he took to Snapchat to share video of them in bed as he attempted to capture their unborn daughter moving around in her mama’s belly, but unfortunately she wasn’t budging.

“Move,” Rob requested in the first video. “She ain’t moving for the camera,” he captioned the second video, reports E! News.


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