Saturday, November 27, 2021

Trump Presidency Would Be ‘Disastrous!’ Warns New York Times (And Here’s Why)

Can you just see your NEXT PRESIDENT doing THIS? ANYwhere?
Can you just see your NEXT PRESIDENT doing THIS? ANYwhere?

*Let me start with a disclaimer: I’m not even gonna front: I am probably the least political person out there. But at the same time and in the same breath I have always been a deep thinker; not afraid to speak my mind or give my opinion, which makes my being a writer no mistake.

So when I sat front and center to watch the 1st presidential debate on Monday between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republic nominee Donald Trump, I did so against my liking, but knew that eventually I would have to hunker down and come to terms with the fact that, if you’re going to vote (and I am) you’d better sit your ass down and tune in to what these two candidates are actually saying.

Let it be known that I, not unlike many faced with making a choice in THIS election, am not head over heels about either candidate. I know that many people are voting for Hillary Clinton because they like Bill. And many are voting for Donald Trump because they hate Obama.

I have to admit, it’s downright scary how frivolous and cavalier people given the power to vote have the potential to be…Kind of like many of the people given a badge and a gun.

Dead means gone forever.

Generally, by now, I have a clear-cut favorite . And if hate wasn’t such a strong word, I’d probably use it towards ‘The Donald.’ I knew immediately I would never respect a presidency he led. Actually, I thought his interest in running was a joke at first, and it was only after he was actually nominated that I realized it was not.

Ugh. On every level. Still.

His quick temper, inability to speak in a clear, articulate manner that would even imply he has put some real thought into his conclusion notwithstanding; his poor body language (just look at the picture at the top of the page), and his horrible slander of anything or anyone that doesn’t look like, smell like or think like him, are all blaring signs of a hands-on-the-trigger type person. He simply can’t be trusted in a crucial moment. We can’t depend on him. There will be too many “Oops!” moments.

You may think he's just waving, but he is actually attempting to interrupt the speaker.
You may think he’s just waving, but he is actually attempting to interrupt the speaker.

Look, I have even matched him against the past Republican presidents…and he still doesn’t make the cut.

It’s so easy to imagine him flying off the handle when he feels cornered. He just doesn’t have the poise needed to calm a potential storm; nor the graciousness to invite people to the proverbial table for any kind of open discussion.

Hell, in the little over a month that we have left, I am still hoping against hope that he will step down and take some position on a cabinet somewhere; someplace where his so-called “business” acumen might be appreciated.

But then again…

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