Monday, March 8, 2021

Tap phenomenon Chloé Arnold Heads to the City College Center for the Arts (NYC) Fri at 7:30pm

*WHAT: “Something special” tap dancer Chloé Arnold blew up when Beyoncé gave a thumbs up to a performance one of her groups did to her music, a tribute of sorts. The video went viral. She’s done appearances on Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and more! This Friday Chloé Arnold ’s Apartment 33 dance troupe will stomp onto the stage of City College Center for the Arts’ Aaron Davis Hall.

WHO: A bright light in the tap field, Chloé Arnold is known for her appearance on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance as the winner of the dance crew battle with her company Syncopated Ladies, which brings female empowerment and sensuality to the tap genre, and her viral videos championed by Beyoncé and others. She has been a guest performer on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Arnold has choreographed for film, television and theater. She is also an accomplished actress who had a recurring role on the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.

Chloé Arnold’s Apartment 33 is comprised of talented dancers from around the world—both male and female—who have converged on New York City to follow their dreams in tap and introduce this fascinating art form to new audiences. The group is named after the home shared by Chloé and her sister Maud Arnold; Apartment 33 has served as not only a haven and creative safe space for these talented artists but even, at times, a place to stay. The group has performed at the DC Tap Festival, Taj Lounge, Tap City/Tap Forward and Broadway Underground: The Remix. The New York Times said of their performance at the Rhythm in Motion tap showcase, that, “In two emphatic interludes for her company, Apt. 33, Chloé Arnold took the driving beats of repetitive pop songs (Sean Paul’s ‘So Fine,’ Eminem’s ‘Not Afraid’) and found boundless possibilities within them.”

WHAT: The world premiere of the Chloé Arnold’s Apartment 33 magnetic tap dance show “Where Dreams Are Made,” choreographed by Arnold, that shares the personal stories of its eclectic members through song and dance. The program is supported in part by the CUNY Dance Initiative (CDI), a City University of New York-wide residency program now in its third year.

WHEN: Friday, September 30

WHERE: City College Center for the Arts (CCCA)—Aaron Davis Hall – 160 Convent Ave, New York, NY 10031




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