Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Game Joins ‘Steve Harvey’ for Special Town Hall Episode on ‘Race & Policing’

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey

*Steve Harvey will devote his daytime talk show tomorrow to the topic of police shootings as the nation deals with two more controversial incidents of black men being shot and killed.

“Steve Harvey’s Town Hall Conversation on Race & Policing,” airing Thursday, Sept. 22, will feature a diverse audience made up of people who want to bridge the gap, including concerned police officers and those who say they live in fear of police, along with people who are just frustrated by the national crisis and want to help work toward a solution.

Steve devotes the entire hour to having an honest discussion about the crisis, and what each and every one of us can do to bridge this deep divide plaguing our nation.

Special guests for the hour include:

TONJA GARAFOLA (of Denham Springs, LA), the widow of Brad Garafola, an East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputy murdered this summer in what investigators say was retaliation for the death of Alton Sterling.

JA’MAL GREEN, a member of the “Black Lives Matter” movement in Chicago and an outspoken critic of police tactics.

Steve Harvey and The Game
Steve Harvey and The Game

THE GAME, a rapper and South Central LA native, joins the conversation via Skype to talk about the peaceful march he helped organize in Los Aneles this summer with fellow rapper Snoop Dogg. The march was highlighted by a meeting with the Mayor and Police Chief of LA.

● MILWAUKEE POLICE CHIEF EDWARD FLYNN joins Steve with first-hand accounts of the rioting that took place in his city this summer after an officer-involved shooting, discussing the challenges facing police departments around the country and what his department is doing to solve the crisis.

● “Steve Harvey” cameras will document Deputy MATT FAILE with the Chester County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina who agrees to take ROBERT DINGLE, a teen involved with the “Black Lives Matter” movement in Chicago, on a ride-along to promote better understanding on both sides.

● African American country artist COFFEY ANDERSON, who made a video this summer educating people on what to do when pulled over by the police.

DEB BESINGER, a white mother to three adopted African American children, from Raleigh, NC joins Steve with two of her children, her son GAIGE (age 17) and her daughter BLISS (age 15). Now that her children are getting older, Deb is concerned about the potential interactions they may have with police officers. Steve shares the tips that he has given to his own kids about how to safely interact with police if they are ever pulled over while driving.

(L-R_ Alphonza Mabry, Steven Jumper and Police Chief Pete Goldman of the Oakwood Hills Police Department in Illinois
(L-R_ Alphonza Mabry, Steven Jumper and Police Chief Pete Goldman of the Oakwood Hills Police Department in Illinois

ALPHONZA MABRY (of Greensboro, NC) and STEVEN JUMPER (of Eden, NC), two 29-year-old black men whose recent encounter with the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department went viral. The two men went in together to purchase a house in an upscale neighborhood, with the intent to flip it to make a profit. They were pulled over while driving in the neighborhood and Alphonza and Steven believe it was because they were being racially profiled. The two men had to drive to the house they purchased and use the key to unlock the door, in order to prove that they owned the house. ● POLICE CHIEF PETE GOLDMAN with the Oakwood Hills Police Department in Illinois also joins the conversation, with insight as to how their officers are trained to interact with the public to try and avoid negative encounters.



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