Thursday, January 20, 2022

Don King Uses N-word Introducing Trump who Speaks on Tulsa Shooting (WATCH)

*Wednesday in Cleveland during Donald Trump‘s outreach to black folks, famed boxing promoter Don King used slipped up and used the n-word while introducing the Republican presidential nominee who also reacted to recent police shootings

In his intro of trump to a crowd of clergy and supporters at New Spirit Revival Center he regaled them with a story he once told to Michael Jackson.

“I told Michael Jackson, I said, ‘If you’re poor, you’re a poor negro,’ I would use the N-word,” King warned, only to fulfill the prophecy moments later.

“If you are a dancing and sliding and gliding [N-word], I meant negro, you’re a dancing and sliding and gliding negro. So dare not alienate because you cannot assimilate. So you know you’re going to be a negro till you die,” King said.

King even had something for white women in talk up of Trump:

“White women and the slave-people of color” were not given rights when “the system was created.” He recommended, then, that these “left outs” group vote for Trump so he can throw out the system as it exists today.

“So that’s why when I see them try to ridiculize [sic] him or to try to ostracize and pervert I want you to understand that every white woman should cast their vote for Donald Trump,” King said. “Not for Donald Trump the man, but to knock out the system. To help him, to get their rights you know.”

“And I’m appealing to all the blacks because (their) vote is given away cavalierly, lackadaisically, with no redeeming factor, and they’re playing the vote by party that you got to vote this way,” he said.

When Trump took the mic, he told the audience that is “very, very troubled” by the recent police shootings of black men in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Of course he made sure to state his pro-police position, but said that in every group of good people “you always have problems.” He wondered if these problems were due to mistakes, choking, or bad intention.

“That man was hands up, that man went to the car, hands up, put his hands on the car, I mean to me it looked like he did everything you’re supposed to do,” Trump said of Terence Crutcher, who was shot to death by police in Tulsa on Friday. Video footage of the shooting was released Monday.

Trump called the shooting “terrible” and noted these are just the latest in a string of concerning police shootings.

“Police are troubled by it, too,” Trump added.

Trump then proceeded to speculate about what could have led to Crutcher’s shooting by a young female officer. “Did she get scared? Was she choking? What happened?” Trump wondered aloud. He then suggested that “people that choke” maybe “can’t be doing what they’re doing.”

The event was hosted by Cleveland Pastor Darrell Scott and was another attempt by GOP nominee to appeal to black voters. It was another of a handful of events Trump has attended in predominantly black communities.



  1. Look at these coons King and Scott, these two fools don’t have no pull in the black community. Trump just lost most of his support with the police with that statement he made about the cop that shot Terence, good Punk keep talking every time you and your punk ass son open your mouth people see you assholes for who you really are.


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