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Christy Martin Talks About Fight to End Domestic Violence & Debut as Fight Promoter

christy martin
Christy Martin talks about Fight to End Domestic Violence and Debut as Fight Promoter

*Round 5 of “World of Sports with Cheetah” hosted by  Fredia “Cheetah” Gibbs on Saturday, September 10 at 10:30 a.m.PST on welcomes guests: Boxing Legend Christy “the Coal Miner’s Daughter” Martin, the emeritus light middleweight WBC World Champion, was the first female boxer  to sign with promoter Don King.  Martin’s televised fights put women’s boxing on the map.

Christy Martin

She is an inductee in the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame, the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame and the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame and recently launched a second career a fight promoter.
 Two-time WBE World Champion Bonnie “The Queen B” Mann is a sought-after motivational speaker, certified personal/boxing trainer, and director with Visalus Sciences. Mann, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, encourages people to stay healthy and motivated. Champion Carlette “The Truth” Ewell has held 5 titles: UNBC Female Heavyweight (2010); WIBA Light Heavyweight (2008); WIBC Light Heavyweight (2008); UBC America’s Cruiserweight (2007); and WBE Women’s Light Heavyweight (2005).
“I have a lot of respect for women champion boxers Christy Martin, Bonnie Mann, and Carlette Ewell who proved that women can be tough inside the ring and caring outside the ring as advocates against domestic violence,” said Cheetah;

who made history as the first African American woman to hold 3 titles in kickboxing, which earned her the title ‘most dangerous woman in the world.’

“Christy’s debut as a fight promoter under Pink Promotions and her fight against domestic violence is commendable especially since she is a survivor,” Cheetah said.

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Bonnie Queen B Mann
Bonnie “The Queen B” Mann

Carlette Ewell
Carlette Ewell

 fredia cheerta gibbs

About the Producer/Host – Fredia “Cheetah” Gibbs

Fredia Gibbs, nicknamed “Cheetah” and referred to as “The Most Dangerous Woman in the World,” is a sports icon and kickboxing legend. Gibbs, a 3-time World Champion in kickboxing, is a native of Chester, Philadelphia.  Gibbs had an all-American career in high school basketball; then went on to play professionally in Europe.
In 1994, Gibbs became a history-maker as the first African-American female to hold the world title in kickboxing. Her next move took her to the world of professional boxing.  She retired from the ring in 2002, with a record of 9-2-1.
Gibbs’ championship fight gear is displayed at the Mickey Vernon Sports Museum. Her championship belts are on display in a sports museum in Germany.
Today, she is a book author, celebrity trainer/transformer, philanthropist, motivational speaker, host tournaments, teaches seminars, and a weekly radio host.  In 2016, Gibbs was honored and participated in the Orange County Heritage Parade and was nominated to attend the United State of Women summit hosted by the White House.

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