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Damon Wayans Talks ‘Lethal Weapon’ on Wednesdays (EUR Exclusive)

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*No stranger to the big or small screen, Damon Wayans will star in “Lethal Weapon” as Detective Roger Murtaugh airing Wednesdays on FOX TV.

Yes, when I heard about it, I also said: “Here we go again.”

Will the writers be able to live up to the standards of the 80s “Lethal Weapon” movies with Danny Glover and Mel Gibson?

When the first episode of “Lethal Weapon” was screened at the Crosby Hotel in New York City this summer, I was very pleasantly surprised. The episode was not only hilarious but well written. The cast owned their characters while also paying homage to the films.

After the screening, there was a reception and I got a chance to chat with Damon.

How was it for you taking on such an iconic role?

DAMON WAYANS: It was a challenge but it’s fun. You just approach it as another role. I can never do what Danny did. He’s always going to be the real Murtaugh but I think enough time has passed for people to at least give me a shot.

Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford star in ‘Lethal Weapon’ on Fox.

Did you feel any pressure?

DW: No, because I didn’t talk to the people you would think I would talk to. If I had talked to Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, I might have felt pressure. But I decided I just have to approach it as another role.

Thank you, Damon.

DW: Thank you

“Lethal Weapon” debuts Wednesday, September 21 at 8pm E/P on Fox.

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