Sunday, October 2, 2022

First Human Head Transplant Volunteer Steps Up! (Watch)


*Excuse me one sec, while I attempt to wrap my own securely attached head to this lastest rather scientific occurrence. A neuroscientist in Italy had promised one day he would perform the first head transplant surgery. Everyone within earshot most likely replied “Ha!” and went about their business.

The neuroscientist most likely just shrugged off the haters and kept it moving. No doubt secretly looking for volunteers.

Well the joke is on the haters now, because a volunteer has sho’ nuff stepped up.

I can just imagine Dr. Sergio Canavero sticking his tongue out singing, “Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!”

He had promised that his procedure would take place in December 2017, and it looks like everything is on schedule. His volunteer is 30-year-old Valery Spiridonov, a Russian man who hopes that the historic operation will help him to live a normal life.

Mr. Spiridonov suffers from a rare motor neuron disorder that may be better known as Werdnig Hoffman Disease. The currently untreatable condition is known to cause muscle atrophy (it becomes difficult for you to use your muscles, and the inactivity causes them to waste away). People with this disease also can have a difficult time breathing and swallowing.

Of course an operation of this magnitude is not without its own set of risks? The body could reject the new head, and the doctors, as skilled as they are, may be unable to reconnect the patients’ spinal cord.

Is anyone else wondering where this new head will come from?

Read more and watch the revealing video at EURThisNthat.





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