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Academy President on ‘Birth of a Nation’ Backlash: ‘See the Movie and Judge the Movie’ (Watch)

Cheryl Boone Isaacs
Cheryl Boone Isaacs

*Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president Cheryl Boone Isaacs weighed in on the backlash surrounding Nate Parker, saying his film “The Birth of a Nation” should be judged on its own merit.

Approached by a TMZ pap on Thursday, she said she hasn’t yet seen the film from writer, director and star Parker, but added, “I know just by the conversation that has gone on at Sundance that it’s clearly a movie that filmgoers should go and see.”

In 1999, Parker and co-writer Jean Celestin were accused of rape by a female classmate. Parker was acquitted at trial while Celestin was found guilty, but his conviction was later overturned on appeal. Parker recently spoke to several media outlets about the case. It also was revealed that the accuser committed suicide in 2012.

When asked about the issue of Parker’s “presumed guilt,” Boone Isaacs replied: “That’s one issue, that’s his personal issue. And then there’s the issue of the movie.” She added, “The important thing is for people to see it and enjoy the film, be impressed by the film. And I think that is what is very important. People need to see this movie.”

Is she worried that it could be impacted in a negative way? “Now you’re making a guess about the possibility,” she said. “This is my belief, is that people need to see the movie and judge the movie.”

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  1. I want these same butt holes to go after Roman Polanski, and Woody Allen with the same amount of vigor that they’re attempting to persecute Nate Parker. Give me a break.

    After all of the years Parker has been in “Hollowood” as an actor (The Great Debaters, Beyond the Lights, Red Tails, The Secret Life of Bees, Arbitrage, Non-Stop, Felon and Pride), why has this BS surfaced, now?

    Oh, I know… This man has the nerve to bring a film to the big screen that depicts a strong black man standing up to the vile oppression of white supremacy. Nat Turner and his crew actually killed white men, and that is burning some asses, big time.

    What other explanation is there? Not only that, as EURWEB reported yesterday, the lazy ass press are leaving out many details, and facts about this BS case against Nate Parker. And unlike Woody Allen, and Roman Polanski, Nate Parker was charged, tried, and found innocent in a part of the country known for major bigotry.

    How do I know, because I actually covered stories in State College, PA many years ago, and I will tell you if those white “farmers” (11 of them) on the jury found Nate Parker innocent, everyone else needs to STFU. That was no easy feat (especially since the accuser was a white girl).

    The area where Penn State is located is infamous for treating African-Americans who are NOT part of the “Nittany Lions” athletic program with complete contempt. Over the decades, many black jocks not easily recognize have suffered from racial discrimination at State College.

    The lame ass media isn’t telling the truth, because they want to limit the number of theaters showcasing AmeriKKKKA’s problem with race then, and now.

    Same as it ever was…

    I am urging EVERYONE to go to see this film, and support Nate Parker who was falsely accused of rape.

    Let’s stop this demonization of this man who was exonerated by jurors in an area this nation known to be openly hostile to African-Americans.


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