Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Jesse Williams’ Podcast Moving to LeBron’s Uninterrupted Digital Network

Jesse Williams*Open Run, the sports and cultured themed podcast hosted by “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Jesse Williams and writer Stefan Marolachakis, is moving to LeBron James’ Uninterrupted digital network.

New episodes of the show will now be made available via Uninterrupted’s newly launched podcast network. In their first episode, the hosts will chat with James about the Cleveland Cavaliers’ NBA Championship, his professional growth and the work he’s doing with the LeBron James Family Foundation, per THR.

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“Open Run is the natural next step in the growth of the Uninterrupted network because it gives athletes another platform to go even deeper with their stories and address important topics they may have shied away from before,” said Uninterrupted co-founder and CEO Maverick Carter. “This podcast allowed athletes and other influential figures to share their voice and have those meaningful conversations while giving fans even greater insight into their lives beyond sports.”

Williams said the move will “give us the best opportunity to win and to win for multiple years, and not only just to win in the podcast regular season or just to win five podcasts in a row or three podcasts in a row, we want to be able to win podcast championships. And I feel like we can compete down there at Uninterrupted.”

He added that the digital platform is “a terrific platform, with outstanding leadership and direction.”

Listen to the new episode of Open Run below. Open Run has produced 45 podcasts since it began in 2015.

Ny MaGee
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