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Simone Biles’ ‘Brazilian Boyfriend’ Warns Zac Efron: ‘I Saw Her First’

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*Simone Biles is all of a sudden in a love triangle.

While Zac Efron has been her crush for years, she’s also very smitten with someone else, fellow Olympic gymnast Arthur Nory Mariano.

Ahead of the Games, Biles, 19, tweeted a photo of herself hugging Mariano in Olympic Village, dubbing him her “Brazilian boyfriend” and throwing in a kiss and heart emoji.

So naturally, Mariano would feel some kinda way after Efron swooped into Rio and swept Biles off her feet.

“Hey @ZacEfron I saw her first…she is my girl,” he posted on Instagram, along with a pic of him lifting Biles and kissing her.

Ahead of the Opening Ceremonies, Biles and Mariano also flirted openly on Snapchat, with Biles zooming in on Mariano at the athletes’ dining hall, writing “babe.” Mariano also took pics of Biles with “my babe” added, along with a heart emoji.

More than a week and several medal wins later, the two Olympians celebrated by sharing shots of themselves holding up their hardware (a gold for Biles for vault and a bronze for Mariano for floor exercise). Biles tweeted out her support, telling Mariano “congrats, so proud of you” after their competition.

The two also posed for kissy pics together at the 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow, where he labeled Biles “the best one” and “my favorite.”

My Favorite ?? ?

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But before we start calling them “SimArthur”…

Mariano appears to have his wandering eye on many female gymnasts. According to, he’s “shared many shots of himself with various gorgeous gymnasts on Instagram and, at the start of the Olympics, he would watch coverage and draw hearts around his favorite female athletes on Snapchat.”

Mariano appears to be particularly close with fellow Brazilian gymnast Jade Barbosa, who also competed in the Games this year. The pair often train together and often share shots of themselves playing around and posing for the camera on Instagram.

Bom dia !!! ????

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