Friday, July 1, 2022

LA Seeks $10,000 Fine from Cop Who Leaked Audio of ‘Django’ Actress Being Arrested

*The LAPD officer accused of racism by “Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts after he arrested her for having sex in a parked car may have to pay thousands of dollars for breaking police rules by leaking audio of the incident to TMZ.

The Los Angeles Ethics Commission is demanding that Sergeant James Parker, who has since retired from the force, pay $10,000 for releasing the recording of his arrest. If the officer admits his guilt, the Ethics Commission would reduce the fine to $2,500, reports TMZ.

Parker has said he leaked the audio to defend himself against her accusations of racism.

In September 2014, Parker approached Watts after bystanders complained she was having sex with her boyfriend in a car with the door open outside the CBS studios in Los Angeles.

Parker, who was with two other officers, told Watts she would just be detained but then arrested her when she refused to hand over her ID. Watts’ boyfriend went on a Facebook rant, claiming Parker showed prejudice and aggression because of her color, and cuffed her so tight she was bleeding.

Parker leaked audio to TMZ in an attempt to prove that she was the aggressor and race was not a factor.

Listen below:

Watts and her boyfriend later pled no contest to disturbing the peace.




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