Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Wife of ‘The Preachers’ Host John Gray Removed from Plane Over Trying to Switch Seats (Watch)

John & Aventer Gray
John and Aventer Gray

*The wife of “The Preachers” host John Gray finds herself on TMZ after getting into a “heated showdown” with police and flight attendants on a plane from Los Angeles to Texas – resulting in her being escorted from the plane.

According to the website, the plane was pulling back from the gate when Aventer Gray tried to swap seats, aiming to let the nanny take her first class spot, while Aventer and her two kids sat in coach.

The flight crew thought she was looking for an empty seat in the back and tried to stop her, but Aventer didn’t listen. She refused repeated requests to leave the plane. In video of the incident, Aventer is heard saying she has a right to sit in the seats since she paid for them.

Watch below:

Eventually the police were called. Aventer remained seated but started crying during a heated conversation with officers.

Below, she is seen telling a cop through tears, “My uncle is dead, I have a funeral! This makes no sense!”

She got her husband Rev. Gray on FaceTime to explain why she was being kicked off the plane. He was not happy, telling his wife he was headed to LAX “in a few moments” and “make sure to follow up thoroughly.”

Watch below:

Via TMZ:

Aventer eventually deplaned, and hashed things out with American Airlines. She was allowed back on, but 2 of the flight attendants were swapped out … to avoid any further drama, we’re guessing. The flight took off after about a 2 hour delay. The video is interesting — other passengers didn’t seem pissed about the delay, but they were angry about how Aventer was being treated.




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