Friday, May 20, 2022

Sisters Diamond and Silk Urge Black Women to Vote for Trump

Diamond & Silk*Sisters Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson urged women and people of color to vote for Donald Trump during their appearance at a women’s event in Cleveland, where they also further explained why they’re supporting the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

“We have been voting for the same system for years. I feel like they keep handing us crumbs, the same thing. When you look on TV and you see some of the violence and things that are happening we’re tired of seeing that. I think we need real change. I think we need an outsider to come in and clean up this insider mess. That why we’re voting for Donald Trump,” Hardaway told NBCBLK.

Despite the bigotry and controversies that have surrounded Trump, the sisters remain very vocal in their support.

“When it comes to small business and creating entrepreneurs, so that they can create jobs, and communities can thrive again—that’s why we support Trump,” said Hardaway. “We had the opportunity yesterday to go into quote unquote “the hood,” and you see the impoverished areas and that people are oppressed that’s a problem. That’s what causes people to rise up. These are the people we need to get back again.”

“[Poverty] makes them angry and it keeps them angry and they don’t know how to channel all the anger. So that’s when they explode,” said Richardson.

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The duo emphasized that Trump has done more than President Obama did as a presidential candidate just by explicitly saying he would focus on African American issues.

“There’s something deeper under the surface. I believe that African-Americans thought that when they got the first African-American president it would solve the problems but it didn’t,” Hardaway added. “Trump has said he will be the greatest President for African-Americans while he [President Obama] has never said that.”

Diamond & Silk occupy that rare space of black women who support Trump.

Check out their encounter with Roland Martin:

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  1. Why would anyone listen to these attention seekers, the only reason they are for Trump cause people will see them cause nobody is checking for them at all. Trump could care less about them cause they are not white, blonde, and 110 pounds. It is sad when people do things because they have issues with self.

  2. You nailed it llawrence.

    Chump doesn’t give one damn about them, or helping to revitalize the “hood” as these two classified the black community.

    These two handkerchief head negroes need to have permanent seats anyplace except in front of a microphone. Like “Sheriff Dave,” they are self-loathing idiots looking to be embraced by the enemy. They’ve done enough damage to black people, and they have no shame.

    To them I say, “You have your reward, now disappear.”

  3. They need help…prayer and maybe medication. Trump is laughing at them; I saw the interview Roland did..loud and foolish….Prayer is in order for fools…

  4. Yall know that should not be on TV, radio or any media. There is some mental disease or disability with those sister. Sad…

    • Your ass is still crazy I should make you buy me another starbuck’s coffee cause I just choked on this one. This is one of your best comments.

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