Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Tamir Rice’s Mom: No Candidate is ‘Speaking My Language on Police Reform’ (Watch)

Samaria Rice
Samaria Rice

*A recent interview with Fusion may offer some insight as to why Samaria Rice was not among the eight African American women representing Mothers of the Movement on Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention.

Rice, whose 12-year-old son Tamir Rice was shot and killed by a Cleveland police officer in a city park in 2014, appears to have soured on all politics, including both presidential nominees as well as the current White House occupant.


Oh, she has opinions about politics. She thinks [DonaldTrump “needs some help” and doesn’t give a damn about black people or correcting the system that let the officer who killed Tamir walk away with no charges filed.

But when she was asked to endorse Hillary Clinton, she said, she declined. (Clinton’s campaign says it did not ask.) She despises that this is the kind of decision that comes with being a black American mother whose child has been killed by a cop.

Clinton has called for expanded use of police body cameras and for national standards on use of force by the police. Trump has seldom addressed the issue but said recently that there could be problems with police training.

But Samaria said no candidate is “speaking my language about police reform.”

[Rice] wants “a lot on the table, not a little bit of talk, a lot of talk about police brutality, police accountability, making new policies, taking some away, and just reforming the whole system. I think that would make me feel better, and no candidate has did that for me yet.”

As for President Barack Obama, Samaria doesn’t have any love for him, either. As she sees it, he isn’t doing enough to challenge the state on its role in police brutality. Even his success as the first black president has not protected black people from racist cops.

“He may mention something about it, but he’s not really going to go into details about it and hold the government responsible for killing innocent people,” she said.

Watch Samaria Rice’s interview with Fusion below:




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