Sunday, January 17, 2021

Stephon Marbury to Star in Chinese-Language Biopic

Stephon Marbury

*Former NBA star Stephon Marbury will star in a Chinese-language biopic based on his own life titled, “My Other Home.” The project will be co-produced and co-financed by SK Global and China’s Hairun Pictures.

“My Other Home” will chronicle his ride to stardom, his troubles with the NBA and his ultimate transition to playing professional basketball in China. Marbury played 15 seasons in the NBA and currently plays for the Beijing Ducks, helping the team to three CBA championships, TheWrap reports.

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The film has been shooting in Beijing and New York, and is directed by Larry Yang, who won Best Screen Writer and Best Director for his Chinese production “Mountain Cry” at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

“This is a terrific story, with appeal to both Chinese and Western audiences, about a Westerner who re-defined himself in China, and how China in turn embraced him,” said John Penotti, President of Ivanhoe Pictures/SK Global. “Ultimately, Marbury’s story is very inspirational, about second chances and perseverance through adversity. We are very pleased to be working with our friends at Hariun. Moreover, we are thrilled to be in Larry’s imaginative and capable hands as he guides this terrific production.”

Marbury will play himself on the project.

Retired NBA star Allen Iverson and two-time NBA All Star Baron Davis will also star in the film.

Meanwhile, one fan’s dream reunion of Stephon Marbury and the Knicks will never happen – according to Marbury himself.

“Not at Gun point!!” Marbury (@StarburyMarbury on Twitter) said in response to a fan (@dannyandrews) writing “@StarburyMarbury would love to see you back as PG of the knicks , you def got raw deal by Isiah n Dolan”

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