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Faith is #1 Thing Children & Parents Need to Survive

Faith is the #1 thing that children & parents need to survive

* According to a survey done by the Pew Research Center, Americans’ faith in God is eroding!

Losing Faith

These numbers show that America, the largest Christian nation, is losing our faith in God. The Very faith, that’s been purported, to build this nation. It’s no wonder why we see crime rate increase and morality decrease! Americans are losing their faith at an increasingly early age.

My Brother Who Taught Me To Fly, Faith,
Book Cover: My Brother Who Taught Me to Fly, by C. Brookins

But, the God I believe in says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) And that’s the belief that inspired author C. Brookins to write and publish this inspirational children’s book, My Brother Who Taught Me to Fly. The message of faith and hope inspires the young reader and parent to have faith in God.

“My Brother Who Taught Me to Fly”

C. Brookins depicts a story of a family, in particular, an older brother who witnesses an event that changed his life forever. The young boy has a dream of an angel assisting him as he overcomes an obstacle, in his life. Joan Mitchell says:

“This was a good story helping children to believe they can do anything, but sometimes have to try many times before they get it right. The illustrations are clear. The story includes the entire family, not just the kids, which I think is great. So many TV shows for children don’t include any parents or adults at all. I recommend this book to children everywhere.”

– (Goodreads book review) C. Brookins writes the story through the eyes of a “child-like faith” and encourages the reader to believe without giving up. And with that type of faith ….there’s nothing you can’t achieve!

My Brother Who Taught Me to Fly has been endorsed by NFL superstar of the Washington Redskins’, Desean Jacksons’ mother, Gayle Johnson-Jackson. She read the story aloud to elementary school students, as she participated in National Young Readers Week.

My Brother Who Taught Me to Fly, was published July 17, 2015, from Create Space Independent Publishing. It is available on Amazon, in print/Kindle version and wherever books are sold.

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