Monday, October 18, 2021

Macklemore, G-Eazy Jump on ‘F**k Donald Trump’ Remix (Listen)

Macklemore (L) and G-Eazy
Macklemore (L) and G-Eazy

*Rapper YG made a point to put white rappers on the remix to his anti-Donald Trump song “FDT” (as in “F*** Donald Trump”), if only to facilitate the song’s closing line: “Thought I was makin’ songs just to ride to/ But come to find out your own kind don’t even like you.”

Trump’s “own kind” featured on the “FDT Part 2” remix are Macklemore and G-Eazy.

Macklemore’s verse rips the Republican presidential nominee for his advocacy of banning Muslims and stance on gun control.

“Your politics are like a Starburst pack/ Why?/ Nobody f—s with the orange one/ Banning all Muslims?” Macklemore raps. “Alright, cool/ What if we ban all the white dudes/ Because a couple have run up in trench coats and rifles/ And killed in the name of Jesus Christ at the high school/ How about we stop selling automatic guns/ You got rich because your daddy gave you automatic funds/ Add it up you’re an automatic punk.”

G-Eazy’s verse compares Trump to Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan. “This man’s not peaceful/ Racism is evil/ This man hates Muslims/ That’s a billion f—in’ people/ If truth be told, Donald is a terrorist/ Reasons why the world’s got a problem with Americans,” he spits.

In an interview with Billboard, YG claimed the single was inspired by “a million things. It got to a point where [Trump] was disrespectin’, saying s**t that makes no sense. Me and Nip always talk about doing real s**t about these politics, stepping up and saying stuff other motherf***ers are not doing, so we finally hit the studio and really did it.”

Hear the remix “FDT Part 2,” followed by the original video:



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