Sunday, August 14, 2022

Ice Cube: Hillary Clinton Helped ‘Justify’ a War on Black People


*Ice Cube believes that Hillary Clinton set the stage for America’s war on black people with her “superpredators” comments in 1996, which helped “justify” the police brutality that ignited the Black Lives Matter movement.

“To call your own citizens ‘superpredators’ is pretty harsh and a pretty big indictment,” Ice Cube said. “It’s really not solving the problem, it’s just making it worse. Now the authorities feel like their justified in how they treat these so-called ‘superpredators.’”

Ice Cube was referring to Clinton’s 1996 comments where she said America needs to bring “no conscience, no empathy, superpredator gangs of kids to their heels.” She was rallying support for President Bill Clinton’s violent crime legislation, laws that many believe caused more harm than good.

“The L.A.P.D. did a war on gangs,” Cube said. “But if I’m a black kid that’s not in a gang but I look like a gang member to this white officer, than it’s a war on me. That’s the problem with a term like superpredators.”

“And for some reason, the Democrats feel they’re exempt from these [Black Lives Matter] protests like ‘we’re Democrats, why are you talking to us like this, go talk to the Republicans,’” Ice Cube added. “No, no. Everybody’s a little guilty of turning their back or passing bad legislation and everyone should be called out on it.”

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Ice Cube believes that Hillary’s comments from the 90s are still relevant to today.

If Hillary Clinton “becomes the president of the United States, we need to know what she’s thinking, how does she think, how she’s going to handle, how she’s going to fix this. She helped create it, in a way,” Ice Cube.

On Donald Trump, Ice Cube says he doesn’t think the Republican presidential candidate is “going to do anything to help poor people or people that’s struggling” because Trump is a “rich white guy. How can he relate?”

On Bernie Sanders, Ice Cube says “To me, it’s like he’s been in there [Congress] 30 years and you know, what have you done? You been up in there. What are you gonna do different from outside Congress? All of ’em to me have work to do to get my vote.”

Watch the interview:

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  1. Omg Ice Cube, STFU!!!! Do you want a President Trump??? Do you think Hillary will be worse for black Americans than Trump??? Because when you speak out against her you’re helping to put Trump in the Oval Office!!!
    I’m not saying that what you’re saying isn’t true, and believe me I care about these issues, but please, wait until she wins the White House to blast her all you want! We have 2 choices and 2 choices only, Hillary or someone who would not even denounce Neo-Nazis. Again, I’m not saying you are wrong, but PLEASE wait until she wins the general election! Unless you want to see women’s and civil rights go back to the 1950’s.

    • Jen…how can I put this…you’re an idiot. Trump never supported neo Nazis, never happened. Hillary let people die on her watch and went to bed. She LIED, knowing the truth about the attack on our people, and said it was because of a video. She is totally incompetent, power hungry. Her husband, which you should be appalled by, is a serial rapist and womanizer, which Hillary covered for and supported. People like you make clear thinking people sick and disgusted. Go back to whatever under-rock slime pool you belched forth from and take your goofy opinions with you.

      • Tom you’re the one who’s an idiot! While I’m not a Bill Clinton fan, and I agree he’s a womanizer, he is NOT a serial rapist! That’s an outright lie!!! TRUMP is a rapist!!!!! Why is no one talking about the fact that he is being accused of raping a 13 year old girl, years ago??? Trump is also very incestual towards his daughters, esp Ivanka. Btw, I never said Trump is a Neo-Nazi, I said the GOP has become a party of Neo-Nazis, and Trump refused to disavow David Duke and Neo-Nazis while being interviewed by Jake Tapper. I don’t believe he is a supporter of Neo-Nazis, but I DO believe he wants their support and hence didn’t disavow them, because he’s the ultimate narcissist and ego-maniac. Over 15 years ago Trump actually spoke out against David Duke…Trump just cares about Trump, whatever or whoever helps him at the moment, he will support too. He is spouting very dangerous words and has given a voice to the bigots, who are chomping at the bit right now. He would make a horrific President.

        • Hey retard, Hillary Clinton isn’t even legally allowed to be President. She is the most unfit candidate we’ve ever had to run for Presidency. Donald Trump is not as bad as you think he is, you’re just too stupid to think for yourself and just sit there and watch FOX news or whatever like a fucking retard. Watch his speeches, see what he’s about. Then see what Hillary is about, what Hillary has done. Hillary would be the absolute worse president to date. She supports Black on White hate crimes. If you want a quick recap on why Hillary is a shitty human being and the worst Presidential Candidate in the History of the United States. Go watch Bill Wittle.

  2. As much as I’d like to be able to blame Hillary, I think the onus has to be placed squarely on the black “culture” that promotes and celebrates all sorts of bad behavior. It seems that too many blacks want to be able to commit crimes with no consequences and then are unhappy when the police try to stop that.

    Obama has arguably been the worst President for blacks since they were set free from slavery during our Civil War. Hillary will be most happy to keep them on the Democrat plantation.

  3. White trolls hayward and chicken little(stop it with your bullshit about Black Culture,since you think its about gangs and rap,are white criminals a reflection of white culture stfu?Obama is the worst president for Black’s since slavery comment shows how asinine you are) we don’t care about your lying opinions.

    Hillary and Trump both suck.
    Jen maybe you should follow your advice stfu,,Cube is right and he is right to say it BEFORE the election because once they get in,they don’t care about your opinion until next time.They are perfect examples that the demise of racism white supremacy is forth coming.I can’t/won’t vote for either of them

  4. I have often thought that indeed Hillary’s remarks about essentially other people’s children – African American children did set the stage for police violence against young men of color.

    It cheapened their lives by using “bring them to heel” as a way to deal with them which is a way one trains a dog not a child.

    All around these comments were based on a false narrative that began with coerced confessions from kids that were on their own without parents or lawyers and lied to – told they could go home after many many hours of interogation if they just ‘fessed up.

    Of course that is not what happened and it took many years and a huge amount of legal work to set the Central Park group erroneously accused free – after of course destroying a huge junk of the best part of their lives. So Hillary accepted this story with no research and ran with it not even taking a breath before coming out with truly racist comments predicated on lies.

    Until I grew older and became more educated I was scared of these horrible people that Hillary made seem real. It was nice lady racism left or right in politics doesn’t matter – and it was shameful and destructive.

    Bernie Sanders BTW has fought for and given many speeches (that his fellow Senators usually ignored) about the shameful mass incarceration especially the for profit prisons for quite awhile and he continues to try and do something about this horrible practice of making money off our fellow citizens by corporations that consider them commodities and not human beings.

    • Nyla, not voting for either of them is idiotic, because you’re basically welcoming President Trump to the White House. All I am saying is vote BLUE, vote for the party of progressive values, even if you’re not crazy about the candidate, because the alternative is frightening. Every time someone (esp someone famous) speaks out negatively about the Democratic nominee, they are helping the Trump campaign. The Trump campaign, who doesn’t give 2 sh*ts about minorities.
      Pamela, I’m not here to defend Hillary. Both Bill and Hillary have done things in the past that I’m not crazy about and that I do believe people have the right to be angry about. BUT. There really IS such a thing as the “lesser of two evils”. A Trump presidency would set us back decades in civil rights for POC, women, LGBT, you name it. Bernie is not in the running anymore. The “Bernie or Bust” folks really tick me off, because they claim to be passionate about progressive and liberal values and yet are HURTING the progressive party!! The Democratic party and nominee are not perfect, but democracy is not perfect, it’s a work in progress. In order to create change and move forward, we need a Democratic president, House and Senate. The Democratic party of 2016 is much different than the centrist party of 1992 Bill Clinton. Again, I’m not giving HRC a “free pass”, all I’m saying is please let’s not hand the GOP and Trump our country.
      I beg you both, please hold your nose and vote for Hillary. The alternative is too, too damn frightening!

      • I respect the argument that you should always exercise your right to vote, even if it’s based only on voting for the lesser of two evils. But there is an alternate argument, where you withhold your vote in order to send the message that you should not be taken for granted. If you take a close look at all the previous Democratic presidents, other than Jimmy Carter, that’s pretty much how they treated blacks. Bill Clinton was in there making all types of deals with the Republican which ended up screwing blacks. It wasn’t just his Crime Bill. There was also his so called Well Fare Reform and NAFTA. They all carried serious economic and criminal justice consequences for black people. Take even the present occupant of the White House. How many of these killings of blacks by whites did he bother to investigate and send to a grand jury? Even a blind man can see that Obama’s intention is to complete his term of office without having to prosecute a white cop. That’s an even lower standard than the Republican George Bush, who was willing to prosecute white cops for Rodney King.

        So probably blacks should finally stay home and see how the Democrats will react. Oh, I forgot the ‘horrific” possibility of a trump presidency. Like seriously, we talking about blacks in America. How much worse can it get? They kill us at will with our government looking the other way. Economically, Bill Clinton already sent most of the jobs overseas, and both Obama and Hillary’s intention is to sign the TPP and send even more.

  5. What’s hysterical here is that Clinton never once mentioned black people in her “super predators” comment. Not once. Black people just assumed she was talking about them. Guilty conscience?

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