Saturday, October 1, 2022

Anthony Anderson’s Emmy Nom Reaction is Priceless (WATCH)

*To say Anthony Anderson was excited about getting an Emmy nomination for ABC’s “Black-ish” is an under, under, understatement. 🙂 Dude damn near stroked out when he got the news while he was presenting the Emmy noms with with “Gilmore Girls” star Lauren Graham live Thursday morning, as you can see from his reaction above.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That was his reaction as he was named for the second straight year as a nominee for lead actor in a comedy. He went off again when his co-star Tracee Ellis Ross, was nominated, and again the show scored a nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series.

TheWrap also notes that by the time Television Academy chairman & CEO Bruce Rosenblum had moved on to the Outstanding Drama Series category, Anderson refused to be limited to the comedy categories. Just before Rosenblum announced the final nominee, Anderson stage-whispered to him, “Say ‘Black-ish.’”

The site also reminds that Anderson is coming off a very strong second season, the highlight of which was a stunning, laughter-free monologue that Anderson’s character, Dre, delivers about police brutality.

He struggles with what to tell his children about how to deal with police. It was one of the most moving moments on television this year, and one of the most serious discussions of race.

Yep, not bad for a comedy show.

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