Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Fox’s Sean Hannity Grills Ex Miss Alabama: ‘You Obviously Don’t Value Human Life’ (Watch)

Sean Hannity and Kalyn Chapman James
Sean Hannity and Kalyn Chapman James on Fox News’ “Hannity”

*Former Miss Alabama 1993 Kalyn Chapman James went on Fox News’ “Hannity” Tuesday to discuss her Facebook video in which she called Dallas sniper Micah Xavier Johnson a “martyr.”

“You obviously don’t value human life, do you?” asked Sean Hannity to kick off the interview.

James denied the allegation and elaborated on her “conflicted” emotions at the time. James said she “absolutely” feels “so sad” for the slain police officers now, and has even interacted with one of their wives via Facebook.

“What do you define a ‘martyr’ as? A martyr is a person who feels like they are dying for a cause — it’s not my cause,” she told Hannity. “It doesn’t mean it’s a good cause and it doesn’t mean it’s a just cause. I think he told the police that he felt like he was dying for a cause.”

Hannity responded: “You’re smiling and you’re acting like, ‘Oh, I’m a compassionate person’ — but that sounded like a person who really was happy that people were killed. I don’t know why — maybe you want your job back …”

“The good thing about this country is that all of us is entitled to their opinion,” she replied. “My ancestors died so that I can express my feelings.”

As previously reported, James was put on administrative leave by her employer, a PBS station in south Florida, after her controversial comments went viral.

Hannity then returned to the “martyr” word, a focus that didn’t sit very well with his calm guest.

“People want to hang on to that word, because there are racist people out there who want use that word to push their racist agenda,” she stated.

Watch the full interview below:



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