Thursday, May 26, 2022

‘Black Guns Matter’ Campaign Fueled By an ‘Informed’ Arms Culture

 *First I want to say. Guns are designed to do one thing: Kill. A gun has no brain. Nor does the hand that triggers it. The decision to put all of that into motion comes from the person holding the gun. Enter Maj Toure who helms from The City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia).

Toure is an advocate for gun ownership; but he wants to change the narrative around those who view gun holders in either one of two ways: A cop or a bad guy. There’s a name for his new campaign. It’s called…

Black Guns Matter.

And I wonder how long it will take white folk to get offended and start proclaiming, “ALL Guns Matter.” The countdown begins now.

Toure tells Bearing Arms:

“I was 15, walking around with a gun I had no idea how to use and no real respect for. In hindsight, I wish there would have been somebody to say, ‘Hey, this is a firearm, it’s not a game.’ So when I’m seeing other people living out the same scenario, I want to be that adult teaching them properly.”

Toure knows his stance will cause controversy, and he is positioning himself to take the heat. But nowhere within this is the option to back down. According to Bearing Arms, Toure poses the question, “What if we stopped trying to get guns off the streets and instead started licensing young men in Philly to legally pack heat?”

Maj Toure
Maj Toure

Everyone may not personally agree with Toure’s position, but you’ve got to respect that he is trying to do something besides sit back and complain. His “Black Guns Matter” campaign aims to create what he calls an informed gun culture. A culture where every gun owner is a licensed to carry gun owner.

Not that this made any difference in the shooting death of Philandro Castile, but I digress.

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