Saturday, June 25, 2022

Miguel Releases New Track in Response to Police Shootings (LISTEN)


*The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of policemen … the sniper killings of Dallas law enforcement officers is turning out to be a wake up call of sorts for athletes and entertainers.

The latest to be affected and inspired by the shootings is singer-songwriter Miguel who has released a rough cut of a new song titled “How Many.”

As of now, it’s incomplete, but Miguel debuted the track on his Twitter and Soundcloud accounts on Friday, stating would be updated.

“This version was started (written/recorded) here in London in my hotel room between the hours of 4am and around 7am when I passed out,” Miguel writes. “I’ll update this song every week until its complete. Please feel free to share. #blacklivesmatter.”

The song attempts to make sense of the continuous gun violence in the United States, pleading with listeners to take action in the fight against violence.

“I’m tired of human lives turned into hashtags and prayer hands,” he sings. “Brothers and sisters, it’s time … to wake up, wake up, wake up.”


h/t: krnb (smooth r&b 105.7)




  1. Everybody is releasing new tracks in response to the police killings. But I didn’t see not one track released in response to the dozens of killings of blacks by other blacks in Chicago, where 4 people were murdered, including a 7-year old riding his bike and 39 people were wounded in gun violence. Not one fishnet clad ass cheek, not one dread lock, not one gold grill and not one pair of dirty ass draws showing under sagging pants. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Black lives don’t matter to these bottom feeders, only black deaths. And then only when it occurs at the hand of non blacks. Fake asses.

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