Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Michael Jackson’s Son Prince: All Lives Matter, Not Just the Black Ones

prince jackson

*Dang, it’s rough out there for a celeb that doesn’t quite know how to express him or herself when it comes to social issues. You don’t want to be on the wrong side. Just ask Wendy Williams and Stacey Dash. Also, you can now add Prince Jackson‘s name to the list.

Michael Jackson’s oldest son got dragged on Twitter earlier today when he chimed in on the police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

Dude started out OK by going in on the guilty cops and advising his followers to be on guard when dealing with cops.

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Unfortunately, he blew it when he decided that it was about more than just “Black Lives Matter” because ALL lives matter.

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Uh oh. Bad move. Just like that tons of his followers lit into his arse and young Mr. Jackson tried to explain himself, but it was too late.

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So what do you think? Does Prince Jackson have a point about all lives mattering, not just black lives or is he completely missing the mark?

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  1. how did he Blow It Chante? cause he doesn’t believe in your RACIST view that only colored lives matter. God damned fools. Yall gonna end up in chains again after being sold by your own black brothers in africa and getting free what your black african SELLERS did to you, you STILL wanna complain. White is not your problem. YOU is your problem.

      • JON BITCH,just imagine the day when all ,of your enemies which there are many,probably every non white person on earth, unite and wipe you off of the face of the earth,that day will happen before Black people EVER go back into slavery,little bitch.

        Try talking that shit around a Black person, it will be the last thing your punk ass will ever say.

  2. Unfortunately, everyone misses the point if you think Black Lives Matter is saying that white lives don’t matter. The fact is that Blacks Lives are being taken with no repercussions, not white lives. Yes all lives matter; however, it is the Blacks Lives that are being senselessly taken from their loved ones. And, this isn’t new, it’s just becoming more prevalent again. That’s what matters!!

    • Thank you! This kid needs to take several seats. It’s easy to provide uninformed commentary when you are sitting in your mansion! This kid has no clue about what the average black person is dealing with on a day to day basis and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Black Lives Matter is not about dismissing the lives of other people; it’s about self-preservation. Get a grip and read a book!

    • Before I respond, please know that my sincerest condolences are with EVERY person who has lost a loved one senselessly, even more so in a situation like these. That said, I believe that an ALL LIVES MATTER campaign would have helped your cause in many ways. One, it’s saying that we’re ALL in this together, every person living in America who has either been victimized or knows someone who has been. If you knew my history, you would see why I thank African Americans for pulling me through and giving me a better life. For this reason, I want to back this campaign. But every time I heard anyone mention whites, it’s to say derogatory things, like, “Kill all Whites.” Think what message that’s sending. Don’t let the ignorant people blow your cool; that’s how they rattle you. Please understand, also, that people of ALL races are feeling horribly about what’s happening and want to help. But when the name states Black Lives Matter, it sounds limiting.
      Secondly, while only African Americans are in the media in police-related murders, you will find that there are actually injustices within all the races, depending on the location. An All Lives Matter would say that you are standing up for everyone and anyone who has died or has been / is being targeted unjustly. In my area, Mexicans deal with the same issues that the media depicts of the blacks. However, across the train tracks, it suddenly doesn’t matter what your color. In fact, one night my (very fair-skinned, white) daughter spent the night with a friend who lived on the “wrong” side of town. I didn’t realize what I was sending her into. While walking to the grocery store, in this very poor area, she and her friends were stopped — not once, but twice — by police officers, for no apparent reason. You see, in a poor area, all colors are targeted. (In my opinion, that’s the biggest thing: they always assume that if you have money, you’re a good citizen; poor, and you’re a criminal.) Here’s the third reason that an All Lives Matter campaign could have helped. It would have encompassed all races and implored *everyone*, no matter the color, to band together to figure this thing out.
      Lastly, think of how the limiting words come across. What about all those other races who feel unfairly preyed upon? Who do they turn to? Instead, they feel that you are saying that their lives do NOT matter. Further, with the words of “Kill all Whites” being spoken quite often, this becomes a hate group. And we know by now that fear and hatred work together to form more war and racial tension. We CAN work this out, but not if it becomes a race war between each other. Let’s work together, PLEASE!

  3. ”I understand that you want to focus on #blacklivesmatter but why only focus on one life that matters when all do?”


    So even with all the money MJ left him, he doesn’t know how to access the internet or watch TV to get the statistics justifying focusing on black lives?

    Unarmed black people were killed at 5x the rate of unarmed whites in 2015

    Obviously, police treats blacks as if their lives matter five times less than whites. So what’s wrong with a hash tag reminding them that black lives also matter?

    How do white people see that as devaluing or ignoring other lives?
    Where did it say only black lives matter?

    White people’s sense of entitlement is so high, that they can’t even stomach the idea of anyone else getting some focus, even though it’s only an attempt to increase their life preservation rate to those of whites.

    BTW. Just saw Serena taking another one for the home team.
    Now equal with Steffi Graf in majors.


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