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Joseline and Althea Head To Court Over ‘Crack-Fueld’ Brawl

image via Twitter
image via Twitter

*“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez is headed to court next month in her legal battle with Althea Heart, over their fight during the reunion show. exclusively reports that back in 2014, Althea filed suit against Joseline accusing her of smoking crack cocaine during a reunion show which resulted in her brutally attacking her on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

Althea sued her former co-star, demanding Joseline be held accountable for the injuries she suffered from the beat down. She also claimed in her lawsuit that eye witnesses saw Joseline smoking crack cocaine out of a pipe backstage prior to the reunion shoot.

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The drug rush allegedly turned Joseline into an unhinged woman, as she was seen on the episode punching Heart in her face and then dragging her to the ground. Althea suffered numerous physical injuries and damages as a result, and she wants Joseline to pay up!

Earlier this month, docs were filed in DeKalb County, Georgia stating that Joseline and Althea will face off in court July 11th. Both parties are expected to take the stand for testimony.

Back in March, Heart’s attorneys recently grilled Joseline for four hours in a videotaped deposition. “I saw the whole four hours,” Althea said in an exclusive interview at Benzino’s Hip-Hop Weekly offices. “I had my wine and popcorn. It was like a movie. She didn’t answer one question.”

“We’re in America,” said Althea. “You can’t put your hands on somebody like that. She did hit me She put her hands on me. I was hurt.”

TMZ got a hold of a copy of the deposition, and Joseline admitted what everyone already knows: much of what happens on the reality show is fake and scripted.

“The reality TV show showcases a lot of who we are not and I say that because it’s just, like, you never know what happens in a reality TV [show]. They’ll showcase your music, they’ll showcase certain things, but that’s not who Joseline Hernandez is,” she explained.

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