Monday, June 27, 2022

Akon: Men Must Have Multiple Women – Tito Jackson Drops 1st Album (WATCH)

Image via Zimbio
Image via Zimbio

43-year-old singer, rapper Akon says it’s natural for men to breed with multiple women. In a recent interview on Hollywood Today Live the businessman and philanthropist explained why he believes most men find it impossible to settle down with one woman.

He says:

Just think of life. Why is it that every woman in the world is going through the exact same problem with a man? Just think about it. It’s not a science, it’s not a coincidence, it’s who we are. I always believed that if women took the time to understand men, you literally would run the world.

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Akon adds:

The only reason why we’re more dominant is because we know more about women then women know about men. Think about it, we’re out numbered 15 to 1. They’re clearly smarter than we are and you execute a lot quicker – faster than we do so …We create rules, without taking nature into account.

Akon also discusses his Akon Lighting Africa project, along with receiving the 2016 Global Good Award. Check it out below.

In related news, Tito Jackson spoke exclusively to VladTV about the upcoming release of his first solo project, Tito Time, which features a new collaboration, “Get It Baby” with legendary rapper Big Daddy Kane.

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Image via Zimbio
Image via Zimbio

Tito admits he didn’t know the meaning of the word, but after learning its an acronym, for “that hoes over there,” Jackson jokingly admits that he can’t take it off of the album now.

Check out more of what Tito had to say in the clip below, including how he started The Jackson 5 with his brothers after their TV broke.

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