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Moniece Slaughter to Tank: ‘You’re Disgusting’ for Shameful ‘Stalker’ Story [EUR Exclusive]

Moniece_Tank* “Love & Hip Hop” star Moniece Slaughter wasn’t the only person left stunned by the salacious comments that R&B singer Tank said about her during his chat with Hollywood Unlocked radio this week. In a move that many consider quite unbecoming of a grown man, Tank gets explicitly candid while explaining a series of pearl-clutching incidents that occurred with Moniece after their brief sexual fling over 10 years ago, when she 19-years-old.

Tank alleges that after he hit it and quit it, Moniece stalked him from one city to another, all while leaving a trail of vandalism in her path. In the clip below, he explains why Moniece is a “crazy” stalker with “good pu**y.”

EUR/Electronic Urban Report caught-up with Moniece to get her side of the story and the reality star told us that Tank, who is the self-professed “pull-out king,” took advantage of her and manipulated her into believing that they were more than what they were.

Slaughter says she doesn’t know why Tank decided to shame and diss her now, “My family and I are trying to figure it out. He knows my mom. He knows my dad. He knows very close family friends of ours. Aside from being disgusted and confused, it’s very disheartening. So I don’t know what made him do it.”

Have you spoken to Tank since he dropped this bombshell about you on Hollywood Unlocked?

Moniece: No, I have not spoken to Tank. He has not reached out to me. I’ve spoken to several of our family and friends who know him and have spoken to him, and everyone just kind of seems to be on the same page. I’ve been in the same space with him, been at the same events and parties several times in the past ten years and never has there been an issue. I haven’t spoken to him and I have no intentions on speaking to him.

He implies that when he first met you at a party, you were ready to give it up to him and his crew.

Moniece: That comment was so ridiculous that don’t even know how to address it. That conversation never happened. I would never agree to sleep with a man and his friends. And that was not the first time that he met me. He met me prior to that. Furthermore, when he took me home from that party, I’m not denying the sexual indiscretion, yes that happened, and no it wasn’t just one time. And at no point during us hooking up did anybody come and bang on the door and ask when it was their turn. That never happened. So I’m disgusted by those allegations. I’m somebody’s mom and he’s got daughters. Would you want somebody to lie on your daughters like that?

I mean really, all I have to say about the whole situation is this, I was 19. Things happen. I made a mistake. I told my dad that I have a crush on Tank and my dad was like, “Don’t do it.” Everyone was like, “Don’t do it.” They didn’t say anything bad about him. Their whole sentiment was, he was so much older than me and it’s so much easier for a man that age to manipulate someone my age at the time. In the interview, he goes on to say that he doesn’t just fu*k, he makes love, and when he makes love to someone you’re in a relationship in that moment. So you can only imagine how at 19 he made me feel like it was more than just in that moment.

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Tank said that after you two hooked up, you couldn’t get a hold of him so you began harassing his neighbors about leaving your dress at his house and bragging about being pregnant by him.

Moniece: I came over with my friend to get my dress. The very first time that I hooked up with Tank he kept my dress and said that it was collateral to make sure that I came back. So there’s these little games that he used to play and I’d be like, “Oh my god, this is so cute.” I was so naive. What it all boils down to is an older man who manipulated a younger girl. I was barely legal, and I didn’t listen to people who had my best interest at heart. I reacted.

So, you were pregnant by Tank?
Moniece: That is true. I was and he said in the interview that I called him three days later but it had actually been months since we had spoken to one another, and I wouldn’t want to have a baby by someone who treats women this way.

Without getting too personal with this… you basically made the decision not have his baby?
Moniece: Yes.

Tank also alleges that you ruined his BMW by vandalizing it with a pastel color.

Moniece: My friend’s little sister and her boyfriend did that. I was actually present. I was the getaway driver. I’m not negating my involvement or my responsibility for anything. I was there but I didn’t actually do that. I didn’t egg the house. I didn’t paint the car.

Did you vandalize his home in West Hills by burning the words “F*ck you” in his lawn?

Moniece: My friend did that. I didn’t burn the lawn. My friend actually killed the lawn with WD-40. That is how she was able to spell that out.

Did you throw a brick through his window with some sort of stalkery note attached?

Moniece: Yes I threw the brick through the window. I don’t remember what the note said. All the other stuff, I actually didn’t do that.

Did you write “f*ck me again or die” on cans of dog food and leave them in his yard?

Moniece: That just sounds crazy. To hear those things, if you didn’t know me you’d think I was fatal attraction. When my friends called me and said let’s f*ck his shit up, I kinda got afraid, ya know – he knows my family. My dad’s friends are his friends, and this could get really tricky, but that was their way of having my back. I did see part of the interview where he said he moved from North Hollywood to West Hills. I grew up in Woodland Hills / West Hills. I’ve never left the area. I’m a California native.

At this point in our chat, Slaughter explains that it was “people closest” to Tank who helped her exact revenge.

“One woman used to babysit his daughters and I went to school with her son. Her son took my friends to do the dirt a couple of times. Tank at one point was signed to Blackground, and there was a label-head over there, I went to school with his son as well. His son was the one who told me that Tank had moved to our neighborhood. So these people in his inner circle knew what went on between us and sold him up the river. And I’ve taken the blame this whole time,” she explained.


Tank said that after you saw him chatting up another woman at a party in Hollywood that Brandy was hosting, you threw a big gulp or slurpee on him and called him a “b*tch.” He responded by chasing you down in his car and crashing into your car, and Ray J caught the aftermath on camera.

Moniece: It was water, and I called him a “d*ck.” I did not call him a b*tch. He did speed up after us. He did crash into us. He pulled me out of the passenger seat and said that I had royally f*cked up. And I asked him, “Why would you do that?,” and he said, “Because you’re crazy, but I have to show you that I’m crazier.”

What it all boils down to is this, I was 19. He definitely played with my head. He got in my head. He made me believe we were something that we weren’t, and then he completely disregarded me and couldn’t deal with the consequences. Am I sorry that I allowed my friends to participate on my behalf, that I didn’t fully put a stop to it? Yes. Do I look back on it and wish I could take it back? Of course. Everyone has a past. He even says in the interview that he didn’t want to do ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ because he has too many things in L.A. that can be uncovered. They’re not hard to find.

Moniece says Tank’s comments have left her feeling, “very hurt and confused.” She also admits that she previously reached out to him and apologized for overreacting and allowing her friends to #turnup and act out.

“When Instagram first got DM, I actually DM’d him an apology letter,” she said. “And it basically said that I have to wholeheartedly apologize because now that I’m a mom, I can’t even fathom what I would do to somebody who was putting me through anything similar. And the amount of self-control that-that must have taken for you, I don’t even know what to say other than thank you because it could have gone a completely different way. My son saved my life. That’s so not who I am anymore. I can not lie, watching the interview definitely made me want to resort back into being the old, hot-head version of myself, but I’ve spoken to mutual friends and I’m hoping that eventually we can reach some type of unspoken understanding that this has to stop. It’s unfair. I haven’t bothered him.”

She added: “To label me a whore and to shame me and to go into detail for like 35-40 minutes, what kind of man does that to a young girl that he knows he took advantage of? I was so sheltered at the time. I grew up in a two-parent household and my dad was there, and I say that to say that I didn’t have daddy issues. I was just very sheltered and my dad was trying to get me to understand, ‘You don’t have enough life experience to deal with someone like that, and this can only end up badly.’ And it did.”

What would you say to Tank now if ran into him at an event?

Moniece: I would actually have to walk away because I don’t think I could physically refrain from doing bad things. I don’t think I could even have a conversation with him. Tank told his truth. That’s his version of the truth because that’s the only version he knows. He only knows in his mind that I’m solely responsible for all of those things. If I were able to control myself long enough to have conversation, I would simply let him know, for my part, I am sorry. But at the end of the day, that was so disgusting. You’re disgusting. I’m gonna pray for you and I’m gonna pray for your daughters that they never encounter a man like you. I hope that we can be amicable in the same space, and I hope that he never speaks about me again, cause I haven’t spoken about him since I was forced to forget about him ten years ago, and I would like the same in return.

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  1. Message From Moniece Mother

    “This note is a direct request to all those who participated in the shameful, degrading, disrespectful Tank interview, conducted by Jason Lee, and promoted by Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. My objective is simple, REMOVE THIS INTERVIEW FROM ALL SOCIAL MEDIA & DON’T AIR THIS ON SEASON 3 of LHHH..PERIOD!

    After this interview was brought to my attention I sobbed for hours asking questions like “how can a grown man be so void of character to share such graphic sexual details of any woman, much less someone’s mother?” The next question was “have we become so desensitized as a community and society that we find this gross spotlight of disrespect and degradation entertaining?” The final question was one I ask God directly “can you show me how to fight for Moniece in a way that will be comforting and effective to her.” With a open heart His response was crystal clear and simple “the same way I fight for you, by standing between you and the enemy!” He reminded me that despite my flaws He still gives me the power of choice. My tears flowed freely, realizing that my love for Moniece has been focused on pushing her to see her potential, making sure she exhibits the love invested in her growing up, and holding her responsible to understand my disappointment in the choices she was making that seemed to ignore right from wrong. In that moment God also showed me that the two people he entrusted to both bring Moniece to the world and guide her (her biological father and myself), had neglected by every fault of our own to do the one thing that he ask of every parent, “stand in the gap with her and be a shield of protection for her!” Well today my eyes are open, and my commitment is renewed. I am not here to throw punches or stoop to worthless character assignations, but I will STAND with Moniece!!!! She is flawed, but so am I! She’s imperfect, but in God’s eyes perfectly imperfect, so am I!

    So today I ask each of you to join me and stand with Moniece: SHARE MY WORDS! Our silence has become acceptance. My fight is inspired by Moniece, but designed to restore consciousness in an unconscious, morally detached, Godless world. If social media is the platform we recognize, then so let it be! No one….I repeat…No one is deserving of this type of disrespect. It’s time to let our voices be heard!!! Post the attached note on all the following sites until the request for deletion is honored.

    Here is the link to Moniece’s response to the interview (it will be the only reference I will post). I am SOOO proud of her: @nymagee #positivitycangoviral

    Repost to all the following pages! Share with every conscious person you know. We can make a difference.





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