Friday, May 27, 2022

Deion Sanders Hit With $1M Lawsuit Over Assault at Son’s School

deion_sanders*NFL legend Deion Sanders has been hit with another lawsuit over his son’s alleged vicious beat down on a school employee, exclusively reports. The victim was allegedly beaten so bad he needed surgery, and he’s now heading to court and demanding $1 million dollars in damages from Sanders.


John Darjean, an employee at the Dallas high school that Deion’s son attends, filed suit against Deion and his ex-wife Pilar in Dallas County Court demanding in excess of $1 million dollars in damages for the brutal attack at the hands of their offspring.

Darjean allegedly tried to confiscate Deion’s teenage sons cellphone – which was being used despite school rules banning the use of the device – and it caused the NFL star’s son to brutally beat down the employee, so bad he needed to be transported to a local hospital and ended up having spinal surgery for his injuries.

Earlier this year, the man’s insurance company filed suit over the attack and is seeking $26k from the former couple to reimburse the payout they sent Darjean following the attack, with the company accusing Deion’s son of having a history of reckless conduct and blaming his parents for not doing anything to fix his behavior. That lawsuit is still pending and Deion nor Pilar have responded to the suit in court.

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Deion has said the allegations are false and that John is a liar with questionable character. Days after Deion publicly called him out for targeting his family because of their wealth, the school employee filed suit in Dallas County Court on June 20th. According to the report, John blames Deion and Pilar of failing to supervise their child and correct his reckless and destructive behavior.

Darjean claims to have suffered physical pain and mental anguish and disfigurement. He’s also “racked up necessary medical, psychological, psychiatric, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, hospital care and rehab services bills.” He believes a payout in excess of $1 million dollars should help him heal nicely from the pain and injuries caused by Sanders’ son.

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