Monday, September 26, 2022

Woman who Loathed Gun Control, Shoots Two Daughters to Death

Christy Sheats
Christy Sheats

*Damn, she doesn’t look crazy! Can we be honest for a sec? I already know that after looking at Christy Sheats (above), a beautiful blonde green-eyed woman from an area in Fort Bend County, Texas, who shot her two adult daughters dead before police took her life, that this was no doubt the first thought that entered your head.

It was the first thought that entered mine.

Police say Sheats had a history of mental illness, and they had been to her home on several occasions.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Caitilin Espinosa didn’t provide any details, but did tell PEOPLE, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office had been to Christy Sheats’ home “for previous altercations” involving Sheats’ “mental crisis.”

But last Friday had to be the worst mental crisis ever!

According to what Espinoza told PEOPLE, authorities responded to a tragic scene outside Sheats’ home. “The bodies of Sheats’ two daughters, 17-year-old Madison and 22-year-old Taylor, were in the street after they’d allegedly fled from their mother when she began firing her gun inside the home. Taylor had already been shot once inside and was shot twice again outside,” Espinosa says. “Madison was shot once outside. Christy was shot dead by a Fulshear city police officer ‘before she was able to shoot [Madison] again,'” Espinosa concluded.

Both daughters died from their injuries.

As if that weren’t tragic enough, this woman was a strong proponent for gun ownership and loathed democrats gun-control stance. A adamant Facebook user, Sheats wrote one post saying…

“It would be horribly tragic if my ability to protect myself or my family were to be taken away, but that’s exactly what Democrats are determined to do by banning semi-automatic handguns.”

WTF? And then she turns around a uses a handgun to kill her own daughters?????

Read more and watch video at EURThisNthat.



  1. Who are you trying to BS? She looks crazy as hell. Amazing how this mentally ill person was allowed to have a gun.

    Common sense just isn’t common anymore. This nut should have NEVER been allowed to possess a weapon. Now her daughters are dead, and so is she…

    The NRA, and the butt holes who make excuses for people like her to obtain weapons have major blood on their hands…

  2. I wish folks … All of them …would kill themselves …leave others alone ..I want Black folks to stop giving up our guns for coupons. There are too many crazy white people and God knows what they are doing/planning if they will kill their kids …..enough said!

  3. “I want Black folks to stop giving up our guns for coupons. There are too many crazy white people and God knows what they are doing/planning if they will kill their kids …..enough said!”

    I agree with you, Carolyn. I’m not giving up my gun for anything, because you nailed it.

    White folks began arming themselves to the max ever since the NRA started telling the lie that, “Obama is coming for our guns.” White folks love killing, and rationalizing their desire to kill. For example; look at the epidemic of white KKKops, and other domestic terrorists murdering unarmed black people… How many of them have been arrested, charged, and convicted?

    Everyone who is sane, and has any knowledge of this nation’s history knows the white man is the most savage, barbaric, bloodthirsty creature on this planet… enough said…

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