Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Watch: Hundreds Gather to Support Wealthy Black Family Victimized by ‘Hate Crime’

The Clinton family matriarch, attorney Mallissa Clinton, was traveling when the fire hit.

*Unfortunately, African Americans are still feeling the effects of seeds planted 100 years ago and apparently, still being nurtured. And just because you’re wealthy and black, don’t get it twisted: you don’t automatically get a pass.

This is being felt by a family in Manhattan Beach, a well-to-do suburb in Los Angeles, who has no doubt that a firebombing of their multi-million-dollar home was nothing less than a violent hate crime. And the damage far exceeds money as the family contemplates moving in order to remain safe.

The bombing caused over $200,000 worth of damage to their 3.5 million dollar home, and now Ron and Mallisia Clinton seek assistance from federal officials to determine the cause of the attack.  The family of five, including three children and a dog, take the vicious attack very seriously.

But Manhattan Beach police refuse to comment on the incident aside from calling the blaze “suspicious” before referring further comments to the Fire Department, who told local media that the department is investigating it as a potential arson. No motive for the attack was discussed, but in the video (scroll down) the husband does refer to the possibility that his attorney wife may have been the inspiration behind the attack; which took place when a burning tire was left at the family’s front door.

“There’s no hard evidence,” Ron Clinton acknowledged to CBS-TV Channel 2, but he noted that there are few, if any, other black families in the area. “It was brought to my front door and it feels like it’s personal.”


 Take a look at the video news report below, where you will see hundreds of supporters who came out to stand united against the crime.




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