Sunday, August 14, 2022

‘Concrete Park’ Collides with ‘Blokhedz’ at Harvard University

*The award winning sci-fi graphic novel series Concrete Park to make a stop at Harvard University amidst its Earth tour, which is now in full swing.  Co-creators and husband and wife team, Tony Puryear and Ericka Alexander, along with brother and co-creator Robert Alexander share their new novel series with Harvard Universities Hip-Hop Archive at the Hutchins Center for African-American Research and is part  of the show “Blokhedz:  Music Magic & Mayhem.”


Concrete Park, a Dark Horse Comics publication has been on the road making stops at Comic Cons, high schools, colleges and book fairs.  This tour promotes the release of Concrete Park Volume 2 R-E-S-P-E-C-T, the series second hard cover collection  in stores now.  Each stop on the tour will be marked by appearances, signing, panel discussions, swag giveaways and local promotions, and has made its way though every high school and university in the Central American country of Belize.

Erika Alexander said:

“We are so honored and proud to have been asked to participate in this program featuring the groundbreaking Blokhedz series and its creators Mike and Mark Davis.  That The Hutchins Center at Harvard is recognizing their work combining music, animation, and storytelling in a world of color is a testament to their imaginations and to their vision.”

“Blokhedz is not only ambitious and genre-bending,” said Puryear, “It’s also a lot of fun.  Like Hip-Hop itself, it’s not just meant to be admired, it’s meant to be danced to.  Seeing the Davis’s work at Harvard is a tremendous validation for comic creators of color like us, and we couldn’t be happier to support and honor them there.”

“Blokhedz; Music, Magic, & Mayhem” is an interactive exhibit featuring art,animation, and urban vinyl figures based on the graphic novel. Blokhedz fusesAmerican graffiti with Japanese anime aesthetics and draws from a world thatseamlessly blends sci-fi with magic and draws from traditional African, Afro-Latin and African diasporic spritual mysticism, Hiphop and science fiction.





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