Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Janelle Monáe to Wardrobe Critic: ‘I’m Not For Male Consumption’

janelle monae - earrings
*Janelle Monáe wants folks to get one thing clear. She is not here to ignite male fantasies.

No doubt Monáe is a beautiful woman. But don’t expect her to be wearing anything sexy anytime soon as she made it known to one guy who voiced his preference for how Monáe should look.

“Girl, stop being so soulful and be sexy,” the user tweeted. “Tired of those dumbass suits…you fine but u too damn soulful man,” @mellow_saa tweeted.

Needless to say, Monáe fired back with what she thought of the Twitter user’s comments. Check out the singer’s response below:

Janelle Monae tweets

In other news from Janelle Monae, the singer made it known her feelings about the Orlando Massacre while performing a set at the recent Playboy Jazz Festival.

“There was a deadly tragedy in Orlando due to hate and ignorance,” Monae told the audience at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. “I want to be clear which way I stand. I want freedom, respect and love. If you do too, make some noise. As human beings, we must protect each other. If God is love, are you love?”




  1. He is a total nut job, because she exudes “sexy” in everything that she wears. The woman is drop dead gorgeous. What the hell is he talking about?

  2. Males should not consume her. She did not exclude females. How do you fight for inclusion and exclude anyone? She has said this before. Lesbians don’t reject male consumption. Bitter women do.

  3. As gorgeous as she is, there’s probably some sexual abuse in her back story. Molestation as a young person is more common with the beautiful ones than most folks realize.

    I can’t tell you how many incredibly beautiful girlfriends, and an ex wife who confided in me regarding their horrors of sexual abuse by uncles, brothers, cousins, and strangers, et al…

    I would not be surprised at all if she’s a survivor. And yeah, left untreated,sexual assault victims are usually very bitter (among other things). I have never witnessed Janelle being that way, but if she was sexually assaulted I could understand her being bitter about that…

    I hate rapists and molesters, because they fuck up beautiful people’s lives, and minds.


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