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The Pulse of Entertainment: Todd Dulaney’s Carving a Place in Gospel Music with ‘A Worshipper’s Heart’

Stellar Award nominated Praise & Worship leader Todd Dulaney releases his 2nd album 'A Worshipper's Heart' on Entertainment One.
Stellar Award nominated Praise & Worship leader Todd Dulaney releases his 2nd album ‘A Worshipper’s Heart’ on Entertainment One.

*“I am just hoping to inspire. Put out music centered around God and Love,” said Stellar nominated Praise and Worship leader Todd Dulaney about his sophomore album “A Worshipper’s Heart” (EOne). “We want all the people around the world to be in the presence of God.”

Dulaney’s project debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Album’s Chart. The lead single, “The Anthem,” hit #1 on Gospel Airplay Chart and also debuted #3 on Billboard’s Top Christian & Gospel Albums Charts.

“The crazy thing is I didn’t want to do this I wanted to be an athlete…I went to the church of Smokey Norful. I started praising and I was thinking I found my purpose. It gave me an identity. I knew I was called to lead and worship,” he said when asked about his Gospel industry break-through story. “Athletics is passionate…but people can have their hearts shifted (in Gospel)…and I didn’t know you could be a recording artist and make money!”

“A Worshipper’s Heart” was also #1 on the CMTA Current Gospel Overall Chart and the CMTA Top Gospel Reporter Chart. Dulaney was recently on tour to promote the album in Maryland in my hometown of Baltimore, Virginia, Kansas City and Chicago.

“My first album I released independently …on my own then connected with Entertainment One. They said, ‘we want you to do it live, Praise & Worship need to be live’.”

So “A Worshipper’s Heart” is a live recording with Smokey Norful introducing and complimented him on his Praise & Worship talent. I am sure he came to his church that day for a visit. The album is inspiring and I now some hearts were “shifted” that day. My favorite selections on the project include #2 “Dance in the Rain” which comes off as soft Rock throughout with the sweet sounding lead guitar and Rock drum beat and I love Rock as much as I love Country, Jazz, Pop, Blue Grass – well I love all genres but R&B is my first love; #3“Free Worshiper” is a favorite because of the sweet background vocals making it sound so heavenly, and #7 “Greater” featuring vocalist Caprisha Cartwright, is a loving offer because of the sweet vocal collaboration  – seems to be the perfect mixture.

You can learn more about Todd Dulaney by logging onto his website at or follow him on Twitter @ToddDulaney.

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Dr. Eunice Moseley
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