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Chris Darden Believes O.J. Simpson Gave Murder Confession to Rosie Grier (Watch)

Christopher Darden on "The View" (June 23, 2016)
Christopher Darden on “The View” (June 23, 2016)

*Christopher Darden has surfaced — and he’s sharing his belief that O.J. Simpson has already confessed to the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, multiple times.

The former prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial, currently promoting the new e-book version of his 1996 title “In Contempt,” stopped by “The View” on Thursday to discuss the 1994 trial that’s back in the headlines thanks to FX’s scripted series “American Crime Story: People v. O.J. Simpson” (in which he was portrayed by Sterling K. Brown), and ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary “O.J.: Made in America.”

“I think the he’s probably confessed it—whether he was awake or in his dreams—probably a million times since 1994,” Darden said of O.J., regarding the murders. “I think he confessed it. I think he confessed it during the trial, and I think he confessed it in the L.A. County Jail, but we weren’t allowed access to the conversation or the content of the confession.”

When asked to clarify, Darden said, “We heard that he confessed during the trial. We heard that he confessed to Rosey Grier during the trial.”

Darden went on to discuss his ill-fated decision to have O.J. try on the glove, saying jokingly that he needed “22 years of therapy” to overcome that moment.

Then, he added, on a more serious note, “A lot has been said about these gloves…But let me just say this, I’m a leader. This was my team, ultimately, in the end. I stood there with him. I let him put those gloves on, and why not? They’re his gloves. There are pictures of him wearing those same gloves. His blood is in those gloves. The blood of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown are in those gloves. They’re his gloves. The gloves fit him the same way they always did.”

Essentially, Darden chalked it up to Simpson being a “better actor” than he thought he was, recalling the struggle the NFL star portrayed while trying the gloves on during the trial.

“I’ve heard so many theories of the swelling…I’ve heard so many excuses and reasons for it,” Darden continued. “I gotta tell you, maybe I’m in denial…but when I look, the gloves fit.”

Watch below:



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