Thursday, October 6, 2022

Music Exec Salutes Maurice White & EWF

Earth Wind and Fire One of the most successful bands of the 20th Century
Earth Wind and Fire. One of the most successful bands of the 20th Century.

*I was honored to work directly with (Maurice White and EWF) when they signed with CBS Records in the 70s. They relentlessly worked both the East and West Coasts to establish themselves as the greatest band alive.

When you had tickets to an EWF concert, you began mentally preparing yourself early in the day. You had to get your clothes just right, your hair tight, and get ready to flaunt your EWF attitude. It wasn’t just an event; it was an experience.

Maurice White was an innovative game changer who ushered in a brand new style of band which others began to emulate. Their music was a mixture of Soul, Funk and Jazz with a spiritual essence. They didn’t walk on the stage, they were delivered to the stage in bubbles, tubes, and spaceships. With dazzling, glittery costumes, their shows were majestic and filled with the pomp and circumstance of a Ringling Brothers Circus, and with the smoke and mirrors of a magic act and the galactic dynamics of a Star Wars movie. There was so much happening on the stage, you didn’t know what to focus on.

All of this was the brainchild of the late Maurice White who was full of a sexy macho machismo as he rocked and swayed with a wide-legged stance. He introduced the African kalimba to the masses. And in addition to the messages in their music, they had impressive musicianship with mind-blowing modulations and transitions.

When you left an EWF concert, you were both on an emotional high and physically drained because you were so engaged that you stood up during the entire concert. Maurice White brought the elements of earth, wind and fire to life.  The legacy of Maurice White is kept alive by the many songs that he left us with, as well by the performances of the surviving members that remain active on the music scene.  For the latest news on EWF visit

Dr. Logan H. Westbrooks, Michael White (former Capitol Music Exec) and other industry experts will discuss The Anatomy of the Music Industry in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 25th at 1:00 PM at a free event at the Vassie D. Wright Jefferson Memorial Branch Library, 2211 West Adams Boulevard, zip code 90018.

Dr. Logan H. Westbrooks and Ascent Publishing salutes artists like Earth Wind &  Fire and other past, present and future superstars of the music industry. 

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LaRita Shelby
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