Sunday, January 24, 2021

Gilbert Arenas Taunts Ex Laura Govan: ‘About to Get My Inner O.J. On’

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*Gilbert Arenas appears to have hit back at accusations from his estranged wife Laura Govan that he slept with her younger sister, Gloria.

The former NBA star took to Instagram in the wake of Laura’s recent comments to Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored, where she hinted that Gloria had sex with Gilbert. When pressed about the details, however, she would say no more, explaining a forthcoming tell-all is in the works.

“I think there are answers that don’t have to be a yes or a no. When it is what it is,” Govan said. ”To be honest with you — I’m writing a book and there’s certain things I can’t talk about yet.”

Gilbert went off.

“About to get my inner OJ on…’you dead muthafucka,” he wrote alongside an image of Simpson trying on the infamous black glove in his murder trial. He went on a rambling tirade, borrowing details from O.J.’s murder case to paint a similar scenario  regarding Laura.

He ended by saying if Laura passed away, no one would go to her funeral.

“Who ever has to pay for the funeral in her family gonna be mad as sh** THEY WASTING MONEY on her (if the glove don’t fit you must [acquit],” he wrote.


Govan has previously said that she sometimes feared for her life around Arenas and felt like she was Nicole Brown Simpson. In the post, he went on to say that if Govan passed away, no one would go to her funeral.

Govan’s sister, Gloria Govan, also responded to Laura’s accusations.

“Soooooo we’re spreading LIES about family on social media now? Not sure how or why any of these unsolicited malicious lies started. I have never slept with Gil!!! And whether or not you agree with my relationship or not that’s not your place to comment on it,” Gloria wrote Instagram.

“Especially not publicly. I know we’ve had our disagreements, our fights, our arguments. But we’re sisters. We’re family. That’s what we do. BUT this? Dragging not only me but our entire family into the mud as if we weren’t raised under the same roof by the same parents. That’s new to me?!?”

She added: “Our kids have IG pages. Our nieces and nephews have IG pages. Is this how you want to represent not only yourself but our family? If that’s the case. That’s Alllllll you. I want no part in it. You have my number, my address, my email, my DM. If you want to talk I’m here!!!!”



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