Friday, August 12, 2022

SGI-USA Buddhists Give Statement (and Call to Action) in Response to Orlando Shootings

Peace Takes Everyone

 *Grief continues to embrace us all as we attempt to cope with the events of the past weekend in Orlando, Florida, where a young singer named Christina Grimme was fatally wounded by gunman Kevin James Liobl as she signed autographs at a meet-and-greet for her fans, and only a short time later, a single gunman named Omar Mateen entered a gay nightclub and unleashed rapid fire from an assault weapon; killing 49 individuals and sending 44 others to the hospital with multiple high-velocity wounds.

Our nation remains in a state of shock, and family, friends and supporters in despair as we not only grapple with why these senseless attacks continue to happen, but what we can do to support these families and prevent what appears to be a growing momentum of actions resulting from hate and intolerance.

Singer Adam Levine, who was a coach for the 22-year-old singer when she competed on “The Voice” in its sixth season, has generously offered to pay for her funeral and placed a personal call to Christina’s mother to offer his support. President Obama made very compassionate remarks and offered the nation’s unlimited support to the Orlando community saying, ” This could have been any one of our communities,” to  Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.

Adam Levine and Christina Grimme during a session on The Voice
Adam Levine and Christina Grimme during a session on The Voice

And now, leaders from the Soka Gakkai International (SGI-USA) Buddhist organization has released a public statement in response to the Orlando shootings.

It reads…

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