Friday, August 12, 2022

‘Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks Transforming Into ‘Model with a Message’

Jeremy Meels

*Two years ago, Jeremy Meeks got famous when the convicted felon’s mug went viral while he was in San Joaquin County jail. Women on the Internet dubbed him the “hot felon,” because of his light skin and bright eyes. Meeks is set to be released from federal custody July 7. He’s currently out of jail for good behavior and under house arrest, and in the May 30th issue of New York Magazine, Meeks explains how he hopes to use his newfound fame to turn his thug-life around.

Meeks, a former forklift operator, signed with talent agent Jim Jordan from White Cross Management in Los Angeles. In an effort to improve his bad boy image, Meeks reportedly wants to remove all of his tattoos when he gets out of custody. This includes a teardrop under his left eye, which often symbolizes that the inked person is a murderer. Jeremy said this during a Facetime conversation with agent Jim Jordan. “As soon as possible. My kids are at the age when they ask questions. I want them to know this is not the life. I don’t want them to think, ‘My dad is that, so I have to be that,’” he said when asked if he wants the tattoos removed.

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Jordan also revealed that his client stays in the gym and out of trouble, and shared that Jeremy missed out on opportunities to crossover into film, including a role starring in “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” with Vin Diesel. Jordan tells New York Magazine that his client wants to inspire others not to follow the same dark path that he did. Jordan said Meeks plans to “help get guns out of kids’ hands.”

The father of two served his time in prison on felony weapon charges, and was released into a reentry program on March 8. If Meeks and Jordan have anything in common, it is that they are both religious men. Per NY Mag: “God is good,” Meeks affirms, as Jim tells him about the opportunities that have come in for him, including names like Steven Klein, Bruce Weber, and Ryan Seacrest.

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